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hand's Message:

forkids2 what a great idea!

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rachelmpd 09-20-2019 10:18 PM

He actually has pretty good skills and excellent eye hand coordination (demonstrated by pouring water from a cup into a bottle on a regular baisis). I will try those tricks to see if it helps. I just figured if he can copy and do everything else, why not this. He has a friend who is a few months older, I tried to have her model and she showed him, but nope. We will keep working on that.

BioAdoptMom3 09-20-2019 04:52 PM

It takes awhile! Cutting is the main thing I dread teaching in PK and the others who say its hard for the K kids are correct too! It will help if he further develops his small motor skills. Let him work with modeling clay and play dough, puzzles, pencils, crayons, markers, folding things and a big favorite, hole punchers! Of course letting him practice cutting with scissors often helps. You really don't need to do a whole lot of instruction. Give him the scissors and some things to cut, then let him go at it!


GraceKrispy 09-20-2019 04:46 PM

cyclones and forkids, those are great tips!

Sbkangas5 09-20-2019 04:21 PM

Another trick is to have them lie on their stomach while cutting. Of course, they have to have the grip correct, first. But it helps with control and using the right muscles.

hand 09-20-2019 07:54 AM

forkids2 what a great idea!

Keltikmom 09-20-2019 07:23 AM

As a former Kinder teacher, this is normal. Just keep,showing him the correct way...very gently. I really like forkids2ís trick. I might pass it on to a friend.

forkids2 09-20-2019 04:26 AM

I always used a sharpie to draw "eyes" on the side of the thumb hole. I told them that the eyes should be looking at you. If you can't see the eyes, you need to turn the scissors over. I also taught them to keep the scissors pointing up.

cyclones 09-20-2019 04:20 AM

I tell them that their scissors are like a car and their thumb is the driver. The driver has to stay on top so he can see where he is going and keep his car on the road.

TeacherPK6 09-20-2019 02:40 AM

Even in K (or later grades for that matter ) they can still struggle with the motor skills of cutting. One thing I try to tell them is to, as much as possible, move the paper not the scissors when cutting around something. I've also seen scissors that have assistive pieces that help kids open the scissors back up again more easily. It'll come with time.

rachelmpd 09-19-2019 11:29 PM

Is there a trick to getting them to hold them correctly when trying to cut. I keep showing Gabriel how to hold them, but he doesnít seem to be able to hold them. Any thought I ever had that I might enjoy teaching preschool is long gone after trying to teach Gabriel scissors and how to mini golf (we attempted a couple weeks ago).

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