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marguerite2's Message:

Here when a bus left before all the classes were on, administration called for the bus to return and pick up the kids. It did.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Lakeside 02-19-2020 04:23 AM

That is ridiculous!

I don't think it can be totally on the driver to know exactly how many students they will have each day (- because of absent kids, pick-ups notes, and the like, I'm sure he or she never has them all.) But that why schools have systems in place!!

In mine, we don't actually take our own students to each individual bus. We group them inside the school, and a pair of teachers walk out each bus line as one group. (Another team with walkie-talkies keeps everything organized.)

But at the very least, if your system works for you otherwise, the drivers should have a list of each class from which they have one or more students, and check off each one as the teacher brings them to the bus. It wouldn't be difficult at all.

And why are the bus drivers not in radio contact with their dispatcher, so they can be told to come back if an error is made?

And (what possibly bothers me most of all) - it sounds like the kids were very close the moving bus!! Why is there no adult signaling the bus drivers that they are clear to pull out into the road?

Your school has a lot of work to do, and I hope the parents who were inconvenienced by this make sure admin gets something in place!

Tounces 02-18-2020 09:59 PM

Our people doing bus duty have walkies. They check off classes as they come out. Then the bus duty people give a signal to let the buses go. Sounds like your school needs a system so this doesnít happen.
If they leave without an ok, or communication gets messed up, buses can be called to return to the school.

broomrider 02-18-2020 09:26 PM

should have radio (cell phone?) communication with a central dispatch that is contacted to have them return and make the full pick up. I agree with marguerite2.

The principal needs to call the bus drivers' supervisor and find out how this happened and what steps are being taken to avoid a repeat. I'd be encouraging parents to call the superintendent as well.

marguerite2 02-18-2020 07:54 PM

Here when a bus left before all the classes were on, administration called for the bus to return and pick up the kids. It did.

kidsrme11 02-18-2020 07:49 PM

Thatís just wrong. I hope changes are made quickly to ensure the kidsí safety.

And you should either get to fill in a time sheet, get time comped (sp?) or SOMETHING ! Iíd be furious!!

teachnkids 02-18-2020 07:18 PM

What a horrible situation!

We're you late getting the kids out to the buses? Still not an excuse, but a different system needs to be in place to ensure all classes have out kids on the buses!

You had to stay with kids for several hours? Ummmm, no, not my job! Sorry admin you screwed up here! I would have marched them back into the building and announced they needed a ride. I would have offered to assist with contacting parents,but then left after that.

iloveglitter2 02-18-2020 07:00 PM

In my district they have tags but they are an option for parents. But apparently it doesn't help the bus driver any!

I was really disappointed in my admin for not staying at least with me. I had some really upset kids and parents. One single mom couldn't get off work until later. Her son rode the bus to her her grandmother's that couldn't drive.

It really upset me and is very scary!

hand 02-18-2020 05:26 PM

That is so scary! If itís a regular bus driver, shouldnít he know how many kids should be on the bus? Iím surprised that you had to wait with the students. Shouldnít administration have stayed with them? It shouldnít have been your responsibility.
In the school district that I live in, they have started a system where the students scan a tag on their backpacks so they know who is on the bus. Wonder if that would help in a situation like yours.

iloveglitter2 02-18-2020 04:26 PM

I don't usually come unglued, but today when my first graders were coming to the buses, they drove off! They had no clue that they were missing an entire class and NO clue of their surroundings! I called the office and complained. I had kids in tears (they are six) and upset that there bus driver did this. This has happened multiple times at our school. This sends a message that the kids aren't missed!

I had to wait several hours for one student to get a ride. I missed a personal engagement.

I just need to vent! It really bothered me seeing my kids by the buses and the &*(&*)% bus drivers not realizing first graders were right beside their bus ready to step in. And then wondering why their bus driver didn't miss them.

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