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LaFish's Message:

Sounds like you rock in the classroom! No advice for you-in the classroom
Just take care of yourself- go for a walk or read a non-educational book.

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rusty 10-28-2019 06:50 PM

Please try to hang in there. Kids need good teachers like you and from what i remember.....this is a notoriously rough time of year and your feelings are justified. Try to concentrate on the kids, not all the work. I hope you don't leave education....take a mental health day or two and I hope things look brighter.

LaFish 10-28-2019 05:32 PM

Sounds like you rock in the classroom! No advice for you-in the classroom
Just take care of yourself- go for a walk or read a non-educational book.

teacher4 10-28-2019 03:45 PM

You are an excellent teacher and want to give your students the best! I am like you spending time and money to prepare engaging lessons for the students. It hurts when they seem to not care. You may have too much on your plate and the pressure of always performing for teachers. Give yourself a break and relax from work. I hope week gets better!

K12ENLTeacher 10-28-2019 12:31 PM

Yes, I know, here comes another threat about how sick and tired a teacher is...

I do not really come on here too often but I feel like today is the time I do.
The kids were off the wall today - it truly looked like, sounded like and smelled like the real zoo. At one point I just stood there in disbelief as I was speechless. Frankly speaking, I just gave up, I did not care anymore. I was done and ready to just walk out the door. Here is the thing: my class is usually well-behaved. Which is why witnessing the mayhem today was that much difficult.
Honestly, today was just yet another day that gives me that nudge in my behind.

I have been thinking of leaving teaching for a while now. People keep telling me try this and then try that before you quit. I did high school, then tried elementary, then tried adult education on a college level, and now I am back at elementary. No, I do not suck at teaching. I am actually doing fine. In fact, this year along I have had 5 people from the state visit my classroom. As a result, my classroom has been chosen as a showcase classroom. I now have new teachers come in once a week, and I mentor two teachers as well. I constantly get compliments about how my classroom runs smoothly, how I am "methodical" about my teaching and classroom management. My kids perform higher than all other 4 grade students combined.

Yet I am not happy with teaching. I feel like I would rather do something else. I am just sick and tired of spending my weekends lesson planning, grading and such. Then on top of that I have to spend my week nights to do more.

What annoys me the most is getting those e-mails from other teachers over the weekend saying they hope I am having a good weekend.

In any case, I feel like I am rumbling at this point. No response needed, unless you really want to reply.

I have been looking into HR field so hopefully something pops up. Thanks for reading and being patient with me!

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