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Tulips's Message:

I've never run a puzzle club, but like the idea. Here's a link to some puzzles my class has enjoyed before.
I have several of the 9 piece, square ones.
Hope it helps,

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
calumetteach 07-04-2018 08:27 AM

That might go along with what you are doing. What fun!

kpossible518 07-04-2018 05:43 AM


It was so much fun running a puzzle club! I called it "Brain Games Club" to add some extra excitement around it and it also allowed me to show an episode of the show Brain Games every couple of sessions that might have related to our topic for the week.

We started each class with word teasers (I don't know if they have an exact name but I attached one of the documents) as a warm-up and then jumped into whatever we were doing that day. I taught them how to solve logic problems (attached) and they eventually solved Einstein's Riddle (I put in a few answers since they were really struggling with it, the couple of answers I put in really helped them get started without feeling defeated and they worked together successfully.) That video is from the TedEd Youtube channel and I think I went through all of those puzzles with my kiddos. We also did some cryptology puzzles.

We ended the "semester" with a field trip to an Escape the Room!

- Kpossible518

Tulips 04-01-2018 09:55 PM

I've never run a puzzle club, but like the idea. Here's a link to some puzzles my class has enjoyed before.
I have several of the 9 piece, square ones.
Hope it helps,

AbcTeacher17 03-31-2018 07:05 PM

I. Also interested in having a puzzle club. Would like to know your ideas.
Jigsaw or brainteasers.

1956BD 02-19-2018 11:19 AM

Will you do jigsaw puzzles or different kinds of puzzles?

You don't want too many students so I would limit the number of participants.

Kids normally desire an after school snack. How will you handle this? Especially if someone has an allergy that limits what others can bring?

I would have it understood from the get go that there will be a fine for parents who pick up children late. Otherwise you may be taken advantage of.

Since it is after hours I would walk the children to a designated pick up area and stay until they have all been picked up for safety's sake.

You might publish a calendar telling them briefly what you will do each week to promote excitement and anticipation. This way they will have a tendency to not miss or take a break one or more weeks.

Since they may not know one another I would have some ice breakers and get to know you activities at the beginning.

You might allow them to kick their shoes off and just be in sock feet for fun.

You might play the radio or some background music for fun.

I would establish the habit from day one of them helping you clean up so the classroom is ready for class the next day.

You might have some small prize for participants when they show real effort or good thinking. Maybe just a pencil with something written on it like job well done or something. Or maybe a miniature slinky from the dollar store and say it represents s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g your thinking.

I have heard of doing a jigsaw puzzle upside down so there is no picture but just the shapes themselves to work with. Now that's a good challenge!

I also love the ones where there are words or pictures inside a square that represent a saying or expression. They used to be called bundles. Not sure what they are called now. I will see if I can find an example.

Good luck! This should be fun and good for kids to exercise their brains.

kpossible518 02-09-2018 05:55 AM

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about starting a puzzle club at my school for students in grades 4, 5, and 6. I've got some ideas for activities but I was wondering if anyone who has run a club like this before could share some information about it. Thanks!

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