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pdxteacher's Message:

I think ours is 20, and it's a shortened day. Kids are sent to a different building and a different teacher.

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guesthog 03-11-2019 10:09 AM

We have 16 half days. You can give a preference in my district - work with your own kids or in a different program. Usually you get a few kids added or a few new ones. We had years where we were overstaffed because a lot of kids ended up not showing, and years where we were woefully understaffed and ended up getting hurt left and right. I still like working ESY, usually take my own group.

d0rkablex2 03-09-2019 07:19 AM

Our ESY is 5 weeks long, 4 days a week, 4 hour days. The ESY program is held in the same building as the summer reading camp and the ESL reading camp (which are both essentially summer school but for gen ed kids who are performing below grade level.) The parents in our district highly value inclusion and social interaction as much as possible, so ESY has specials each day with the other two programs in the building and one day of the week is a "fun" day where we do camp-type activities outside with the other two programs like water fun day or STEM day. We go on one community based field trip to a bookstore and a frozen yogurt shop as well.

We don't have any self-contained classrooms in our district because I'm in PA and the types of student who would require a self-contained environment are taught through Intermediate Unit programs that are county-wide. Our ESY students tend to be higher functioning life skill students who are included in the general education classroom with the exception of reading/math support and services or needy in other areas. We group the students based on age/grade level and there are typically 2-3 grade levels in each room with a teacher and several paras.

I taught ESY in my district last year and all of the teachers who taught it are special ed teachers in the district during the year, but they might not necessarily teach their own students. I only sent two students to ESY from my K/1 grade level at my school and I requested to keep them for the summer. I kept them, and also had one older student from my school and 5 students in their grade levels from the other two elementary schools.

Haley23 03-07-2019 08:36 PM

That does seem very short. I believe ours is about 5 weeks, but it's a shortened day and a shortened week for the kids. It's something like MWF for secondary kids and T/TH for elementary kids, so the same kids aren't going every day. It's also only 4 hours per day.

They have a hard time hiring for ESY in my district. The SSN (significant support needs) teachers want a break, so they don't want to do it, and the rest of us either don't feel qualified or don't want to work with that population.

I naively signed up for ESY after my first year of teaching and my students only had goals like "show attention with an eye gaze for 5 seconds" or "tolerate a sitting position for 3 minutes." I probably sound like an idiot, but I truly had no idea what to do with them all day. It's not like we were sitting down for a math lesson, reading lesson, etc. I'll never do it again, even though I'd love the extra money.

Usually my sped director sends out about 6 emails begging someone to do it and someone caves. Some years people job share the position. I'm in a tiny district, so it's just one teacher and some paras for the entire district.

pdxteacher 03-07-2019 07:38 PM

I think ours is 20, and it's a shortened day. Kids are sent to a different building and a different teacher.

readandweep 03-07-2019 02:19 PM

I was wondering how long special ed summer school or extended school year lasts in your district?

Our is only 12 school days. That seems short to me.

Also, do self-contained teachers teach their own class or are kids sent to another building and teacher?

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