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MrHistory12's Message:

Unfortunately, there's no timetable for when they go away but if you're not feeling at least slightly better by tomorrow or Wednesday you should definitely contact your doctor if you haven't already

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cruxian 08-29-2017 02:53 PM

You've gotten excellent advice. We've been doing a lot of concussion training (I've had to go once as a parent for DD and once at school). I'm assuming the same thing they tell us for kids would apply to you. They'll give kids like a return to school protocol and it involves coming back on a modified schedule, avoiding fluorescent lights, computers/reading as symptoms continue.

Violets2 08-29-2017 12:28 PM

Without reading other replies, sleep is your friend--that is your brain's way of healing so don't fight it.

Alicia G 08-29-2017 10:05 AM

A concussion can range from feeling off for a few hours or a day to lifetime effects. I know someone who's son received a concussion (hit by baseball) when he was 10 - spent 10 weeks in the hospital in a coma. He's in his upper 20s now and is mentally impaired and might never live independently. Sweet young man, limited vocabulary, slow in his actions and speech.

I got a concussion and in the middle of this range. Nearly 6 months ago, I fell skiing (don't remember the fall) and knocked myself out (yes, wearing a helmet). Ambulance ride, ER visit. No brain bleed so they sent me home.

So, fast forward 5.5 months: ears have not stopped ringing, daily headaches ranging from mild to just below migraine, some dizziness and nausea (but they are getting better), horrible aversion to fluorescent lights (some worse than others) and loud noises such as crowds. Much more tired than before. Eyestrain after about 20 minutes on the computer (must take a 3-4 hour break before attempting again - so why am I on here now?) And I understandd the train of thought issues - I do them too (glad the frig has an open-door alarm on it, never needed it until I got the concussion and now about once a week I leave it open). I forget words and historical facts/people. Sigh. It's harder to read an article or story and follow it and sometimes I have to go back and read it again, this time slowly...

My GP said that something like 80-90% of concussions resolve in the first 10 - 20 days. Those that don't, resolve in 18 months or so (MANY much sooner) - basically where you are at at the 18 month point is what you have to live with. Very few people have permanent effects.

Oh, until you are symptom-free, try to avoid any situations likely to give you a second concussion. Having a concussion while still healing from another one is quite dangerous.

I have gone through 12 weeks of LENS therapy which might have helped a little and about 15 weeks of physical therapy (usually an injury involving a concussion has other injuries as well) and a cast on my left hand for a torn ligament that didn't heal with a splint.

So, hopefully your symptoms resolve very soon.

mhugs 08-28-2017 10:59 PM

I face planted in the hallway at school 4th day of school. Knocked out briefly in front of my whole class of 1st graders. Poor things!! Someone took them on to music class and the ambulance was called. CT scan showed concussion. I should have stayed home in the dark and rested for two weeks. Meanwhile I was on laptop trying to put together sub plans for a class I hardly knew. I just gave up and went back to school after 2-3 days. Stupid me!!!

Empty Nester 08-28-2017 08:33 PM

I've had two concussions. The first happened about 25 years ago when I fell backwards while cross-country skiing and blacked out. The second happened two years ago when I slipped while getting out of the shower and banged the back of my head but did not pass out. Both times I had CAT scans to be sure there were no skull fractures or intercranial bleeding. The headaches lasted for several weeks and it also took a while for me to be able to concentrate or focus on something for long periods. Both times I was also told not to drive for a week and to avoid using anything with a screen (tv, computer, kindle, etc.). I would get really tired very easily with the least bit of mental exertion.

You might want to consider taking a few days off even though it's a real pain to miss time at the beginning of the year. Your brain has received a jolt and needs time to rest and recuperate.

Hope you feel better soon.

BigwigRabbit 08-28-2017 07:47 PM

I've had 3 concussions (I get hit about the head a lot). You should have already gone to get a CAT scan. Concussions are serious.

cheerio 08-28-2017 06:20 PM

Yikes I would think you need at least a few days off to rest and recover especially if you are feeling the way you are. Don't worry about missing school! I am missing the first two weeks due to appendix surgery.

amiga13 08-28-2017 06:17 PM

I had a concussion about 8 months ago. The first day was pretty awful with vomiting, dizziness, headache. But I felt fine the next day. The bumps and bruises and black eye took a while to go away. Good luck!

ETA: my incident happened in the morning and I spent the whole afternoon in ER. CTscan and more.

Zephie 08-28-2017 06:01 PM

I have been seen by a NP. I didn't mean to make it sound like I haven't. It's mild. I really just would love to have a vague idea when this may go away. I was just told a few days to a few weeks.

MrHistory12 08-28-2017 05:58 PM

Unfortunately, there's no timetable for when they go away but if you're not feeling at least slightly better by tomorrow or Wednesday you should definitely contact your doctor if you haven't already

teacherpippi 08-28-2017 05:58 PM

Zephie, you really should go in and be seen if you think you have a concussion. Hope you feel better soon.

Zephie 08-28-2017 05:45 PM

I don't want to go into details, but I blacked out this weekend due to a known medical issue and it seems I have given myself a mild concussion. When will these dumb symptoms go away? My ears ring randomly, I've got a mild headache constantly, and I randomly just lose my train of thought and can't find it again. The goose egg over my eye is going down, so that's good, but I just want to be feeling like me again.

It sucks to be going through the second full week of school with this headache. :/

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