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klarabelle's Message:

I am excited for you, that you can see your DGSs everyday all the way in Japan. Not to sure I wouldn't have been so scared with DGS getting out of house, I'm glad momma was right on it. Enjoy your adventures with Jiro.

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twin2 01-11-2021 11:58 AM

My maternal grandparents lived far away and I remember writing letters. My grandfather did all the writing because my grandmother didn't like to write. They called on rare occasions. We wrote letters to them too, but Mom didn't usually call them. My parents felt phone calls were very expensive. I'm thankful that we have the Line App and other apps to make free video calls. It is encouraging that your kids were able to develop good relationships with their grandparents over the phone.

twin2 01-11-2021 11:47 AM

Peek-a-boo sure is fun on video calls!

I understand that the problem is the same when the grandchildren are too far away to see on a regular basis, whether they are far away in this country or far away in another country. Technology really does make a big difference in our ability to keep up with them. I am thankful for it and I would be lost without it. I'm glad you are able to use technology to keep up with the three 2 year olds in your life too! Its such a sweet age, too sweet to miss altogether.

eagles23 01-10-2021 09:13 PM

This is why I love technology! My 2 year olds (we currently have 3!!) aren't as far away as yours, but they are too far to see regularly so we FaceTime often. I have been carried all over their houses and yards and a lot of the time I am just looking at the ceiling or the floor. One of my favorite moments recently was when DGS started playing peek-a-boo with his own image in the phone. Bonus was that we were also there every time he popped back up. Fun times!!!

kahluablast 01-09-2021 09:23 AM

I just think about how LUCKY you are (and all the other grandmas) to be able to have conversations where you can "see" each others' faces! I love your description of your conversations with DGS. How awesome is that?

I think back to when I was in the Army stationed overseas. Phone calls were expensive so we wrote a lot of letters. Phone calls not so often. Probably not even once a month! Then when I had children (not overseas) most of the time we were 2 days drive at least from my parents. We managed once or twice a year in the good years (dad still working) but my kids were at least able to talk to grandma and grandpa on the phone. It wasn't so expensive, so they got to talk pretty often. They had great relationships with their grandparents because of that. Imagine how it would have been if they could have seen their faces each time they talked! How awesome is that? You guys are so lucky!

twin2 01-09-2021 07:04 AM

I hope this truly is relationship building. Sometimes I feel like I am simply just an extension of the phone for him. Before Covid, we got to go meet Jiro at seven months of age and again when they visited here when he was about 13 months. We were hoping for visits every year or minimum of two years. I must be realistic. Besides Covid, it isn't cheap to travel to Japan and it comes at a time that my husband and I must think about retirement. We also must think about our health. For them, traveling with 2 small children isn't easy and it isn't cheap either. Maybe that's why I worry so much about relationships with them. I want to know my grandchildren. I just don't know how well that is going to be. Then I try to be positive and remember the technology is a privilege that so many didn't have not all that long ago. When their kids moved away and started their lives elsewhere, people didn't get the privilege of knowing their grandchildren. At least I do get to talk to mine through technology. I don't have to wonder if they are okay or if they even care. I am blessed to see these grandsons of mine.

WordFountain 01-09-2021 05:17 AM

I laughed when I read your title. My DS just turned 2 this month and your description of a phone call is so accurate!

My DS is not only a runner but a climber - itís never a dull moment. (Thankfully heís usually also a good listener)

Itís so nice that you get to share that time and build a relationship with your GS. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

Cat woman 01-08-2021 08:50 PM

How cool that despite the distance you have such a great relationship!

hand 01-08-2021 08:45 PM

I love the relationship that youíre developing with him. How sweet!

klarabelle 01-08-2021 08:33 PM

I am excited for you, that you can see your DGSs everyday all the way in Japan. Not to sure I wouldn't have been so scared with DGS getting out of house, I'm glad momma was right on it. Enjoy your adventures with Jiro.

teachnkids 01-08-2021 08:26 PM

I love it!!!! I was tired just reading the post!

twin2 01-08-2021 08:19 PM

Jiro, my grandson in Tokyo, asked to call Gramma tonight! Definitely a win! My son said he has been asking to call Gramma recently. Last week they had to call me back because he didn't get to say goodbye to me and couldn't enjoy their nightly story time until he calmed down. My son and I talk on the phone almost every day and Jiro usually is allowed to take the phone and talk to me. He's two, so that means he takes me all around the apartment showing me what he is doing. Early on I was shut in drawers, placed into toy (real given to him) pots, and hidden under shelving. I've even been up and down the toy slide in his room. He showed me his Christmas tree last month. I get to see books, toys, and random stuff around their home. Now he has learned to carry the phone around with him and the house is a blur until he stops to show me mama cooking dinner, or baby brother crawling on the floor. He shows me whatever he is doing and he tries to tell me about it. He mostly speaks jibberish, but he has taught me some Japanese words by bringing to life whatever word he has recently started speaking and amazes me as I start to understand some of his English. In the meantime, I am really loving that he tries to show me things. It was mid morning there, so he had lots of energy. His mama was cleaning in the entry way and his papa disappeared for a few minutes. Things were quite blurry as he ran, but I recognized the tile in the entry way and I thought I saw his mama's arm but I wasn't sure. Then all of a sudden I recognized the tile outside the door and I saw sunlight. Then we lost connection. I panicked. I started calling out to his mama and papa, not knowing if anyone could hear me. Then I heard his mama laughing and they were back inside. I think she ran after him as soon as he headed for the door and had him in her arms immediately, but I tend to over-react. He was likely very safe, because Tokyo is usually a safe place to be and her parents live at the other end of the hall. I guess the word "hall" works - its an outside walkway to the elevator and other doors. I wonder if he would have wandered to his jiji and baba's door if his escape went unnoticed. They've child-proofed almost everything else. I guess its time to child-proof the door. This gramma is tired after all that excitement!

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