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jazzer's Message:

I mostly use Grubhub because my favorite restaurants that I like to order from are connected with that service. However, I have on rare occasions used Door Dash when I wanted food from a restaurant on that service that is not on Grubhub. I like the convenience of it.

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WordFountain 01-18-2021 11:06 AM

My DH & I used to get take out delivery frequently. It probably averaged to 1x/week but sometimes depending on our schedules it could be 2x/week. Since Covid we havenít gotten any takeout. Iíve found that we are spending more money in our grocery budget. Some of that is using Instacart for delivery (with marked up prices & tipping) but honestly I think itís just a reflection of how much we eat . Plus since Iím home all.the.time I eat way more frequently when in the past if Iím out running errands Iíd just grab something on the road.

Zephie: I LOVE food trucks and your dinner sound sooooo yummy. Enjoy!

RamonaQuimby 01-18-2021 09:56 AM

Haha! Your post made me laugh! Enjoy your food!

We all choose to spend our money on different things. I am too cheap to pay for house cleaning, so I clean my own house. I am too cheap to pay for audible or buy books, so I use my public library. I am too cheap to pay for professional photography, so I take my own pictures. We get takeout every once in a great while because we don't spend money on much else (particularly now), and we never go over budget.

sonoma 01-18-2021 09:13 AM

I started using delivery when I had my hip replacement and couldnít drive. We have all the delivery companies here. But I only order when they have free delivery offers.

marguerite2 01-18-2021 08:47 AM

We do takeout (curbside pickup if available) and find that most meals are so large we can share them.

With Covid a lot of the restaurants locally are now on one, or more, of the delivery services. But, we read that the cost of the services is cutting into their meager Covid profits, so we do takeout. Takeout has the bonus that it gets us out of the house for a little while.

jazzer 01-18-2021 07:10 AM

I mostly use Grubhub because my favorite restaurants that I like to order from are connected with that service. However, I have on rare occasions used Door Dash when I wanted food from a restaurant on that service that is not on Grubhub. I like the convenience of it.

luvmycat 01-18-2021 06:10 AM

Enjoy your Doordash!

h0kie 01-18-2021 05:58 AM

I love Door Dash! Where we used to live, it wasnít an option...though our neighbors could get it.

Now, the place where I grew up that had 1 pizza place that would deliver, has oodles of options! Iíve looked at GrubHub and UberEats and I like Door Dash better. We liked it so much we paid the $10/month fee (after our first ďfreeĒ month) for them to waive the service fees. Itís more than paid for itself.

Itís nice to have the option when you arenít feeling well, had a bad day, or generally just want a change.

Enjoy your DoorDash, Zephie!

Lilbitkm 01-18-2021 05:47 AM

Yayyy!! My favorite Mexican restaurant delivers and I love to get it once a month. I try to only get delivery 2-3 times a month and it is normally always more than one meal.

I have a tight budget that I stick to. I adjust my grocery budget based on getting food delivery during that time.

My “free money” in my budget is for delivery/eating out (during normal times) and some minimal online shopping. Different people choose to spend their money their way and this is mine. Some people spend money on expensive home items or entertainment- I am low maintenance... food delivery/take out and my streaming services.

The area I am in has access to every delivery app imaginable. I prefer Door Dash and have had minimal problems. The small issues I have had were taken care of immediately with either a refund or a credit.

ICrazyTeach 01-18-2021 05:37 AM

I've spent a ridiculous amount of money through DoorDash and restaurant delivery. I've tried to tell myself it balances out with what I'm saving on gas, coffee and entertainment. But it's been a lot.

JenInWV 01-18-2021 05:32 AM

Door Dash doesn't exist in my area, so I am super jealous of all your options. Yes, it may cost a little more to order, but your time is also worth something. These are dark, hard days for many of us. It's fine to treat yourself a little. Enjoy!

Ima Teacher 01-17-2021 11:01 PM

Door Dash and Grub Hub arenít available in my area.

It has been super convenient when in an unfamiliar town by myself or when I was staying with my mom at the hospice center. I could get spoiled to it.

hand 01-17-2021 10:06 PM

My DD had a frightening experience with one of the food delivery people. Canít remember which one. She was home alone , pre COVID and the guy brought her food. Then he texted her to tell her she was beautiful. Right away she contacted the service. But so creepy.
At least now, during the pandemic, they leave the food on the porch so thereís no contact.
I donít use them. Iíd rather pick up from the restaurant.

But, I do like food trucks so maybe if that were an option here, I might change my mind,

luvtulearn 01-17-2021 09:56 PM

I have used doordash for pickup /curbside for free. I like their ap.

Haley23 01-17-2021 08:47 PM

I had a bad experience with Door Dash last time I used them and I'm honestly glad, because it snapped me out of using them all together. It's so easy to just click and get exactly what you want, but SO expensive. Maybe it's just in my area, but my actual food would be maybe $17-20 and then with all of the various fees and tip I'd end up paying $40 for the meal! Their menus also tend to have markups on the actual food as opposed to going to the website for the actual restaurant.

I'd gotten in the bad habit when I was quarantined and using "well I can't go get it myself, I'm not allowed" as an excuse, and then went way off the rails with my diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and was literally ordering every 2-3 days .

The last time, my order was taking forever and I finally got the notification that my "dasher" was approaching, and it somehow took him 15 minutes to walk up to my porch and leave the food. It wasn't mine- the name on the bag was clearly someone else/not even close to my name. Not only that, but when I'd gotten the text showing where my food was, he'd added "this is not enough money." I'm not sure if the person whose name was on the food didn't tip, or if he thought my 20% tip wasn't good enough, but it really creeped me out. Not to mention, when I went out to get my "contactless delivery" he was standing at the bottom of my porch. I sort of awkwardly waved and hurried back inside.

I know it was a one off but the whole thing was just weird and I don't want to use them again- not to mention I'm back on the wagon with my calories and budgeting as well! I got such a creepy vibe that I was legitimately worried this man would try to come back to my house at some point.

klarabelle 01-17-2021 08:05 PM

I love doordash & am happy you were able to get exactly what you wanted. I never would have thought you could get a lunch truck delivery. We used it for ice melts earlier right before a snow storm and had a delivery from CVS.

anabel12 01-17-2021 08:01 PM

I would rather pick up food, my DH loves Door Dash. I guess it's up to what you want to spend your money on. I am the more frugal of the two of us. I'd really rather snack on food at home than even pick up food.

Zephie 01-17-2021 07:58 PM

Honestly, I keep things down to $10-12 at a time. I have an "all my food" budget of $15-20 a day. I find that if I do pick up of my groceries, I spend $50-80 a week on groceries for my basics (lunches for school, heavy cream for protein shakes/meal replacement drinks, coffee for the machine because Starbucks is the death of me if I let myself buy it instead of making my own).

Anything I make for a meal is automatically enough for 3-5 meals so they are usually one or two dinners and at least one lunch.

If I order a premade entree from a local stay at home mom who makes the best casseroles - easy 5-6 meals a tray and I usually have 1 extra in the freezer. (Except for the last several weeks since covid went through her house after her husband brought it home from work and she didn't make anything till all were released from medical care.)

Lately though I am eating more delivery because im just plain depressed and don't have the energy to cook. Same reason why I had to reorder my protein shakes a week early. Im sure the stove incident and almost burning down the house before Christmas didn't help my desire to cook either.

It really balances out over the course of the week. Weekends tend to be more delivery. Week days are homemade and protein shakes.

amiga13 01-17-2021 07:40 PM

I donít have food from restaurants and food trucks delivered because Iím cheap. Precovid, I didnít eat out a lot for the same reason. How are you affording so many deliveries? Iím not being snarky, Iím really curious.

TeaPro 01-17-2021 07:34 PM

That sounds delicious.

Zephie 01-17-2021 07:17 PM

There may never be a reason to leave the house again.

Queso dilla, street tacos, chips and cheese, green salsa so hot your lips burn...

Yes... yes... being a hermit could be done.

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