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oldnewbie's Message:

Yes, it's way too long. There's no reason why 1/2 of that time can't be used for something productive. I'd love to see them get a life skills class, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, etc.

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NavyHusband 08-24-2017 07:23 PM

My school is on an 8 period day where each period is 50 minutes.

Each student is assigned to either 4th, 5th, or 6th period lunch and they are to report to is as if it were a class. Obviously attendance isn't taken unless you are tardy (yes you can be tardy to lunch). So each lunch period is 50 minutes.

Each lunch has about 850 students in it so most kids eat their lunch and then they can stay in the cafeteria area or they can go to the media center or a teacher's classroom for extra review if they have a pass.

Also, students are not allowed to go off campus to get lunch.

oldnewbie 08-24-2017 06:33 PM

Yes, it's way too long. There's no reason why 1/2 of that time can't be used for something productive. I'd love to see them get a life skills class, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, etc.

Song of Joy 08-24-2017 07:29 AM

One hour and 20 minutes is way too long for a lunch break. I think they should find a way to staff a study hall for the 40 minutes they're not at lunch, although that would require staffing and space. During study hall they could be released for meetings with counselor, or for attending a weekly club like drill team, annual, chess, astronomy, textile arts, whatever. If they're into school spirit, they could use the time to make banners and posters or man a school store.

Or, again, if they have the space and staffing, enrichment classes could be offered for 40 minutes.

When my 2 boys were in high school, they had the 4 classes a day schedule and I feel like it really hurt their education. Each class ended with a mini-study hall. They went through high school as valedictorian and 4th in their class respectively, and hardly did a lick of homework.

platypus 08-24-2017 04:58 AM

Thirty minutes. Kids coming back from Vo-Tech have between 20-25 minutes.

I think 80 minutes is way too long. I teach at a small school, so it's quick to get through the lunch line and they are usually out of the cafeteria after about 15 minutes and hanging out outside (with supervision).

Are they really unsupervised? If so, that makes me anxious-even the best high school kid can get up to some stupid stuff in 80 supervised minutes.

But I also understand that scheduling can be a nightmare especially if you are at a school that is experiencing a teacher shortage. Also, we don't have a block schedule so that may make a difference as well.

Lakeside 08-24-2017 02:32 AM

Gosh, I wish my son had such a long break for lunch! They have 30 minutes, which quickly turns into 20 if they're coming from the top floor, have to see a teacher about absent work, etc. There's no time after school to see guidance counselors either, because the busses leave so quickly, so he's missed lunch completely for that as well.

Kids are asked to absorb so much information in a day! Their brains need some time to process it all. I think a good chunk of downtime in the middle of the day probably does a lot to increase their learning. It also gives them social time so I imagine they're more focused in class, instead of trying to socialize then.

oldnewbie 08-23-2017 07:33 PM

I'm a retired elem school teacher. My son is a jr in high school. They have what I think is too long for lunch.

The schedule is there are 4 blocks of classes per day, approx 60 min each.
There's block 1, block 2, then break for A/B lunch, then Block 3, and Block 4.

What concerns me is the A/B lunch. The kids have approx 40 minutes, and can eat the first 40 min, or the second 40 min. Which ever they don't choose to use for their lunch time, they can do whatever they want. Literally, whatever they want. There are about 20% of the kids who use their time wisely, in the library, doing class work, volunteering to help in the office, etc. The rest of them just hang out in campus, with little or no supervision.

I would love to know how much time your respective districts allow for lunches. To me, 80 minutes just seems too long. With the info I receive from you, along with research, I'm going to propose to our school board that they change this. I know it would be a big change, but certainly they can do add an enhancement class, language class, etc. Thanks

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