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Heidi's Message:

We have major issues with the cleanliness of our staff lounge. Our janitors do not clean in here at all. The fridge is full of moldy or rotten food. People do not do their own dishes and they pile up. There are always crumbs on the counter. I thought I worked with adults, but clearly their mommy still comes and cleans up after them. How is the lounge cleanup handled in your schools?

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
WestCoastTch 09-10-2019 09:15 AM

Cleaning the lounge is an adjunct duty teachers may sign up for. I don't.

I eat in my classroom every day. I never set foot in the lounge. If a new rule were implemented requiring all faculty to take turns cleaning the lounge, I may just die on that hill in protest.

Emmy 09-09-2019 10:04 PM

Back years ago when I first started teaching, I was so excited to be there thAt I was often very, very early. People smoked back then. I didnít smoke and couldnít stand the smell and of the ash trays. Anytime I had to be in the Lounge, Iíd empty them. Everyday I stayed late and emptied the ash trays and then washed them out with detergent so they wouldnít spend all night smelling up the room. Nobody ever knew, but I often wondered if they realized that someone picked up the trash and put things back where they belonged.

My current school has lots of teachers who get a cafeteria meal (on paper plates) and metal cutlery. At the end of the day, there would be lots of forks and cups in the sink. Iíd return the cafeteria forks and did the same cleaning. Now that Iím retired Iím not sure what they do. Iíd been volunteering in my school and I always straighten up and make things neat.

DeeDee3073 09-09-2019 09:40 PM

Wow! Everywhere I've worked, the custodians have always cleaned the staff lounge and washed the dishes. I'm really surprised! We have a staff room on every hallway. The custodians put the dishes in the dishwasher and wash them. Sometimes, some teachers will put there own in there. But the issue is that no one wants to unload the clean dishes. lol. With that being said, I guess you'll have to make a rotation.

Rkhnd 09-09-2019 03:38 PM

How lucky to have a dishwasher in your lounge

Ima Teacher 09-09-2019 03:33 PM

We donít have a lounge.

choppie70 09-09-2019 03:14 PM

We have a poster on a cabinet above the sink that reads, "Your mother does not work here... clean up after yourself!"

We are actually a pretty clean group. Most people take care of their own dishes. If there are dishes in the sink and someone is washing their own dish, they usually wash what is in the sink too.

One of our aides usually cleans out the fridge each week. She works one on one and when her student is not at school she will clean and wash any dishes in there. The really bad ones are thrown away!

MightyTeach 09-09-2019 02:36 PM

Teachers usually clean up after themselves but there have been dishes in the sink for days! The custodians wipe the table down and sweep the floor but the refrigerator is the responsibility of the teachers - and at times it stinks!! We have a Keurig coffee pot and it usually has a used pod in it - which drives me nuts!!

All in all, not everyone where I work has the same sense of cleanliness.

PrivateEyes 09-09-2019 11:38 AM

that the teacher's lounge is a part of the school and therefore part of the responsibilities of the building custodian.

That being said, there should never be dishes in the sink. If there are, they should be thrown out.

Teachers should clean up after themselves. If they spill in the microwave, they should wipe it out. If there are crumbs at their place, they should take care of that themselves. Refrigerated stuff should not stay in more than a day or two.

Our custodians wipe the tables and sweep the floors. A custodian throws everything away on Friday evening that's left in the refrigerator, and does a quick wipe. Nobody leaves dishes in the sink. That's just rude.

The coffee pot is one of those single use carton type. Bring your own cup.

marguerite2 09-09-2019 10:51 AM

Custodians emptied the trash and cleaned the floor. Everyone was expected to take care of their own things. We took turns wiping the tables and counters, and emptying the coffee pot. First person who wanted coffee in the morning got to make it. Before long breaks theyíd announce that if you left anything in the fridge it would be gone when you came back (and it was).

MAsped 09-09-2019 05:17 AM

What, the custodians don't clean up in there? Thought they did.

juliet4 09-09-2019 04:57 AM

Before I retired. I would bring a salad or cold lunch and kept a mini fridge (hidden in closet as we were not supposed to have it). There was a small microwave in teammates room to reheat my coffee or soup. We kept that clean. We ate together in teammates room. Staff lounge was full of gossip and backstabbers. No thanks...we ate then took a 15 minute walk weather permitting.

ConnieWI 09-09-2019 04:26 AM

Each grade level, special's teachers, paras, and office staff have a month in which they plan a staff luncheon. That same month, they are also in charge of keep the lounge clean.

Our custodial staff sweeps and washes tables daily.

Clarity 09-09-2019 03:25 AM

who retired after 30 years as an aerospace engineer, then went on to work in another company. She was almost 70 at the time. She kept complaining about the"young people" who all thought their mothers worked there. Since she could not stand messes, she, a high-level engineer, was cleaning up the staff lounge. It was all so obvious that the office manager started giving her $50 and $100 gift cards for cleaning. She would give me the gift cards. .

Also, P.S., this is why I always brought a cold lunch and ate in my room!

crazy4catz 09-08-2019 07:20 PM

It sounds exactly like our school. I had my own mini refrigerator because I refused to put stuff in the lounge one.

Keltikmom 09-08-2019 06:36 PM

We had a rotation. Every teacher signed up for two different weeks. The responsibilities included keeping staff room clean, filling, running, and emptying dishwasher once, and bringing a full staff snack once.

generally, for,the second sign up, we had a partner. We would bring snacks on two different days.

But,,honestly, the fridge just slayed me. Exploded soda, rotten beyond recognition food, expired yogurt, etc.

Many of us would just say if your name ainít on it my noon on Friday, itís gong in the garbage.

Gromit 09-08-2019 06:28 PM

Our rule is that it must be labeled or else.

If it is sealed in a non-expired store package and doesn't have a label, it gets relabeled as "up for grabs" and is available to anyone who wants it.

If it's in "from home" or takeout packaging and has no label, it gets tossed.

If it's in "from home" or takeout packaging and labeled but has no date, it gets tossed.

If it's in "from home" or takeout and has a date that has passed, it gets tossed.

Basically, all food is tossed out on Friday UNLESS it is labeled with a name and an expiration date that has not yet passed.

We have a rotation of staff who toss all the food and wipe down the fridge every Friday. It works out to two Fridays per person.

We don't have issues with dishes and crumbs, though.

KeyKid 09-08-2019 06:27 PM

If the dishes are sitting around for more than a day, I would toss them.
We had one teacher who would bring big dishes, heat things in the microwave, finish eating and put her dishes in the sink and they would be for days/weeks. Got to the point, it it had been a week, her stuff would be thrown away.
Haley23 09-08-2019 06:19 PM

Our secretary ends up cleaning it a lot, which is unfair. Occasionally some staff member will announce they're cleaning out the fridge and anything left by such and such date/time will be tossed.

I've gradually gotten away from using the lounge all together in recent years. The last couple of years I quit bringing stuff that needed to be microwaved because I didn't want to waste any of my precious lunch minutes waiting in line. This year, I've started just packing two ice packs in my lunch box daily and keeping it in my room with me, so I don't have to go in for the fridge either.

tia 09-08-2019 06:16 PM

everyone is supposed to put their dishes in the dishwasher (happens about 95% of the time)--sometimes people think we have a garbage disposal, which we don't. *yucky smilie*

each grade level/group has 2 weeks to clean up

we wipe down tables and start dishwasher, wipe down microwave --THIS IS MY LEAST FAVORITE--since i use the microwave maybe 5 times a year--and CLEAN UP my spills, but when it's my time to clean up in the faculty room, someone has left nasty spills and crusty stuff in microwaves (which means the people cleaning before me also didn't do their job)

it USED TO BE that whatever month you had social committee you also had clean up and at the end of that month, you cleaned out the fridges--we changed it so they don't overlap, so now no one cleans out fridge at the end of their month, but the last week people have to do a big clean out.

our janitor vacuums in there.

hiker1 09-08-2019 06:06 PM

If the dishes are sitting around for more than a day, I would toss them.

anna 09-08-2019 05:59 PM

The custodians clean floors ,counters and tables. Teachers wash their utensils and coffee cups as well as straighten the tables and pick up decor after celebrations. Teachers pick up after themselves at the tables after they eat.

seenthelight 09-08-2019 05:58 PM

We clean up after ourselves, and the custodians clean it every night.

kahluablast 09-08-2019 05:58 PM

We are assigned a week or two every year where we are responsible for cleaning up the lounge. Wiping counters, tables, microwaves, sinks, and getting coffee maker ready for the next day. Probably about once a month the secretary/receptionist announce they are cleaning out the fridge and throw anything away inside.

2teach2 09-08-2019 05:54 PM

We've done what lafish said that her school does. We also have a monthly sign up for people to help clean the lounge.

LaFish 09-08-2019 05:53 PM

There is a wooden sign ďYa mama doesnít work here. Clean up your mess.Ē
The fridge was a problem. When they hired a new head custodian, he put a sign stating all items left after 5 on Friday will be tossed. He did this for 1 month. Afterwards, no problems

Heidi 09-08-2019 05:45 PM

We have major issues with the cleanliness of our staff lounge. Our janitors do not clean in here at all. The fridge is full of moldy or rotten food. People do not do their own dishes and they pile up. There are always crumbs on the counter. I thought I worked with adults, but clearly their mommy still comes and cleans up after them. How is the lounge cleanup handled in your schools?

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