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bernard1's Message:

Hi there I would also appreciate any guidance and help!!!!! If I find anything I will post.....

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
TeachK26 02-19-2012 07:20 PM

Ken Nesbitt has some very kid-friendly poetry so does Shel Silverstein.

ACRteach 02-16-2012 08:11 PM

Not sure if you mean a reading or writing unit on poetry? I'm assuming reading. Last year I put a 2nd grade RW unit on Poetry and I loved it! It took a lot of backwards planning. I thought about what I wanted my kids to be able to do...

- notice descriptive language and be able to identify specific words and phrases
- identify the mood of a poem
- identify the author's purpose (show emotion, make people laugh, etc)
- make inferences (i would often block the title and have kids infer the title, via debbie miller)
- make mental images
- decide an author's message
- reading fluently
- identify figurative language (i'm in 2nd so we really only did metaphor, personification, and similes)
-making connections between poems and us/books/world
- how to deal with confusions

Then, I dove into poetry anthologies and pulled "mentor" poems that I thought would be good to teach these point. I copied them and put them all in a binder, organized by teaching point. Good poetry anthologies for kids are everywhere, and this was actually my favorite part.

We do this unit at the same time at Lucy Calkin's Poetry Unit, which is FABULOUS and it's one of my favorite times of the year. I think poetry can work just as well for 4-6th grades as it does for 2nd.

I wish i could just send you my binder but hope his helped!

Foxtrotter 02-15-2012 10:44 AM

I have used Mrs. Renz Poetry Unit for several years now. I hear moans when I first mention "Poetry" but when we get going on this, they love it! There is a rubric that they follow and it is amazing how hard they work on this. We are fortunate to have a mobile lab available that they can use and print their work. I love her site and use it often.

historynerd39 02-10-2012 09:56 AM

Just came back to this thread after a while. These are some great suggestions!

1956BD 02-08-2012 06:42 PM

Here is the list of words.

1956BD 02-08-2012 06:39 PM

Here is the cloze procedure.

1956BD 02-08-2012 06:38 PM

Here are the practice spelling exercises.

1956BD 02-08-2012 06:37 PM

Poetry spelling can also be a fun way to include poetry in your lessons. Choose a poem you know your students will like. Select challenging words from the poem for the spelling list. Then create exercises to learn the words. I use a cloze procedure for the test. I also use the poem for a weekly reading fluency test. I just do this a few times a year, usually around holidays.

Here is the one I use for Valentine's Day for my third graders.

1956BD 02-08-2012 06:26 PM

Start looking for poems that can be used with your literature, math, science and social studies units. When it is used more often and makes connections with the other subjects I think it is more meaningful.

Poems make a great introduction to a topic or a conclusion to a lesson.

I also like to choose fun poems to choral read as a class each day for a week. Then on Friday they each read the poem to me for a fluency grade.
I use the attached rubric that came from another PT member some time ago.

I like this website for poetry forms. They make writing poetry easy!

mrsbsbees 02-06-2012 12:38 PM

I am also teaching 4th grade for the first time this year and I would love to teach a poetry unit. My plan is to make a book for each of the students, almost like a workbook. Inside the book will be different poems with questions, worksheets and activities. We have talked about poetry a few times this year but I want to get really in depth with this unit. I would love any ideas or suggestions to help.

1956BD 01-28-2012 10:49 PM

I like to start by reading Love That Dog. It is a great short read and the character changes his attitude about poetry from a negative one to a positive one.

Then I like to have them write short poems, following a pattern. Ones without rhyme are easier to start with in my opinion. The haiku, cinquain and diamente are a few good formats. I like to have them write about the literature we have recently read or something we are studying in science or social studies.

This site has great templates to follow.

I also love a book by Betsy Franco about Math Poetry. The Fractions of Me poem is especially cute. It is a great way to combine math and writing.

I like to share poem with students. I read them aloud and we discuss. I try to include poems with every social studies and science unit.

I also like students to chose their own poems by their favorite authors to share with the class. Most like Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.

I also use some poems in spelling. I give my students a copy of the poem for the week. We choral read it together. I have chosen words from the poem to be our spelling words for the week. I use the poem for a practice reading fluency grade at the end of the week, as well as for spelling test. We read the poem aloud together each day. Then on Friday each student reads the poem to me for a grade. This is normally done while we are in computer lab so the other students are all engaged. Then I have time to work one on one with each student. I use the attached rubric for grading. Someone on PT shared this years ago and I keep sharing it because it is so easy to use.

Poetry 4 Kids and Giggle Poetry are great sites for poetry for children.

Superteacherworksheets has some great poetry comprehension worksheets. They can be found under reading comprehension by grade level. This site used to be free, but now there is a $20 charge per year.

In my opinion, poetry should be included all year around across the curriculum.

grader4life 01-28-2012 10:34 PM

Mrs. Renz has a great Poetry Notebook. I'm going to try it this year.

bernard1 01-25-2012 03:58 PM

I just posted on the fourth grade board hoping someone will have suggestions )

bernard1 01-25-2012 03:52 PM

Hi there I would also appreciate any guidance and help!!!!! If I find anything I will post.....

historynerd39 01-19-2012 08:46 AM

Hey guys, I'm teaching fourth grade this year and I wanted to do a poetry unit with them (for some reason, they don't usually do any poetry) but I have no idea where to start. How would I introduce it, what poems to read them? What types of poems to work on? Assessment ideas? Does anyone have something they used for 4th grade?

Thanks so much!

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