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cla1stgrteach's Message:

I did find a lot of great center ideas from the website. I will definitely be checking out and using some of the ideas.

Also, thanks for the ideas of things you use in class.

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NJremedialK5 08-27-2012 11:06 AM

I taught 1st grade for 3 years and LOVED using centers.

SOme of my centers were
-partner reading (either from a basket with books of a certain theme or from their reading bags)
-make-say-write: in a 3 column word document, using HF words, I would write the word myself on dotted line, then have them use magnet letters (honor system here- you won't know if they made the word) and they check 3 little boxes in the 2nd column and in the third column they write the word neatly
-poem center focused on a shared poem I read with them daily and it had a small writing assignment to it and they could illustrate. I kept these in a notebook for each kid. They could also use it for shared reading!
-BINGO game using HF words, kids would take turns being the caller and they would play with their group mates

I would have between 5-6 centers and rotated them daily. Weekly the main centers would stay- magnet letters, games, poems but the content of each would be different. I also always had a guided reading center where I would work with a small group of kids. For the poem- I would have my lower students do this center towards the end of the week so they practiced it a lot before having to read it on theri own.

cla1stgrteach 07-10-2012 11:38 AM

I did find a lot of great center ideas from the website. I will definitely be checking out and using some of the ideas.

Also, thanks for the ideas of things you use in class.

shaley 07-09-2012 08:23 AM

also try this website

it has amazing printable games and centers that are easy to understand in first and the kids LOVE them.

I simply used one of the small pocket charts from the cheap Target bins. Each week I would describe the centers in Meeting and create a notecard with the title and draw a basic picture of the center (mostly for my nonreaders). Each child would be a on a group card that sat next to a center in the chart and I would rotate them after each center.
Some of the centers I used included: magnetic letters, stamps, writing, library, listening, games, computers, letter tiles, flash cards, etc.

Hope this helps.

cla1stgrteach 07-09-2012 07:26 AM

This will be my first year teaching 1st. I have taught prek and 2nd. I was wondering what centers other 1st grade teachers use and how you organize your centers. I want to have 5 different centers that the students will complete each week. Some centers I want to basically keep the same but change it a little each week, for instance I will do a spelling center each week but the spelling words will change or I will have a writing center but each week the students will complete a different task. Then, I want to have some that don't take much time to teach so I can change them more often. I have a couple books from the mailbox that have pre-made centers and I will also use those but put a different one out each week. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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