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readandweep's Message:

It is considered a sick day for the student.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Haley23 09-26-2021 08:04 AM

We have pretty much all settled on having kids zoom into their regular group if they get quarantined. We may put up some sort of privacy statement next to the link as a CYA move. My P keeps saying "it's coming," but so far, there has not been any official word that this actually happening. I believe my P that it's being talked about behind the scenes, but they haven't pulled the trigger yet. Cases are now going down in my area, so hopefully they'll just give up on this idea...

kahluablast 09-26-2021 08:02 AM

So far we are only having to make work available to quarantining students, although I have only had 2 (TWO) quarantined students do any work out of the at least 50 that have been quarantined. That number could be higher. It seems to be like going on vacation and asking for work. All optional. I have been looking and trying to decide how to do grades for my subject this year. Typically, anyone who quarantined is going to get a failing grade for not doing any work. How else can I handle it?

I am afraid if numbers go up that our district will change their minds (or give contradictory info) and say we have to provide virtual lessons. I really don't think I can manage it, and if that comes true, I might have to leave. This year is a struggle already.

readandweep 09-26-2021 07:53 AM

I am in Illinois too.

Our union and district are telling us two different things right now.

The union says we do not have to do live Zooms unless we want to.

The district says classroom teachers need to be live with the student two hours a day.

If we zoom outside contract hours we will get paid.

I am not sure how resource and specials will work. I have no problem putting work on SeeSaw, but I will need more guidance on live teaching.

sped91 09-20-2021 05:26 PM

I did a little of remote/in person at the same time last year for students quarantining once we came back full time.

We weren't supposed to have to do it this year, but the state (Illinois) recently said we need to make virtual available for quarantining students. I teach self-contained and I plan on having students zoom into my room, but I'm the only one they will see on camera unless one of my other students comes over to say hi. I have a big caseload this year and I just don't have time for 1:1 zoom meetings like I did last year when we were completely virtual.

I do have a handful of students that I know will not zoom if quarantined. They just can't handle it. It will be offered, but they most likely won't show up :-(

readandweep 09-12-2021 04:47 AM

It is considered a sick day for the student.

Haley23 09-11-2021 05:03 PM

I am sorry that I have no help, but posts like these make me grateful for my union.

They shut down the in person and remote option completely. If teachers want to do zoom office hours or zoom tutoring for quarantined kids it is optional, outside of contract hours and paid.
So what happens for kids who have IEPs and are quarantined? If they're not getting any services at all, how is that legal? Is gen ed not teaching quarantined kids either? Here, they're quarantined by class, so it's easy for the classroom teachers. They just switch to their already made remote schedule any time there is a quarantine. But I have kids in 12 classes, so it's never the case that they're all quarantined at once.
Lottalove 09-11-2021 10:46 AM

I had a maternity leave student who was due to return 2nd semester after the Break. She applied for extended Homebound and was denied. They decided that she should do Virtual Learning instead. I would pull her up on Zoom with a ChromeBook muted and then put it only facing me. Once I got to her "station," I would unmute. She could hear some other voices occasionally but not too much. Of course, if she recognized voices and told others on her end, I feel it wouldn't be any different than talking about her classmates at the dinner table... The others didn't purposely get shown or recorded.

But, we didn't have to do 50%--our minutes where greatly reduced as well as the number of goals covered. I could have her on the Zoom for as few as 30-50 ish minutes a day and cover 2-3 mini-lessons that went with her non Zoom learning. Non Zoom learning included books/papers dropped off, a checklist of tasks or activities to complete, stuff assigned through Google classroom, or independent online learning like Read works, Prodigy, Moby Max, etc.

We're not allowed to reference an IEP on the front page of a report card "in case someone else were to see it and then they'd know that student has an IEP."
In Missouri, we are not supposed to indicate Special Services on the grade card or cumulative record at all. Now, in our small school, it can be easy to figure out if a MS/HS has the same teacher for multiple, unrelated classes, (like English and Math, or has "odd" class titles like Functional Skills, Social Skills, etc., but still... We do not have a separate Certificate/Diploma either. My students who finish either by credits earned or goals met, have the same diploma as everyone else. Here, the SpEd files (IEPS/evals) are not filed anywhere near the cum files.
elspeech 09-11-2021 09:43 AM

The question came up for us last year, as we (speech therapists) would still do groups via zoom, so obvious parents and families can see who is in the group. We were told it wasn't an issue.

kahluablast 09-11-2021 06:33 AM

That is what we did last year both when fully remote and when we taught both groups, so I don't think there is an issue with it. We even had some push in to regular education (weirdly- mostly with the 3-5 and the person used Go Guardian to manage and assist the home person). Once in a while I put them in a room with a couple of kids to work in a small group.

Youthcantknow 09-11-2021 04:10 AM

I did both remote and in-person simultaneously last Spring. As the mom of children that rec'd special ed services I understand the concern for privacy but I think your teammate is taking it too far. The reality is that 1) getting these kids an education trumps every other concern at this point, and 2) all people have to do is ask their kids who's in their class or listen to them talk about their friends and they know who else is there anyway. I do not think that potentially identify other students receiving services should drive the decisions when you have to educate kids that are both in school and at home. Honestly, every classroom, not just special ed classrooms, are 'broadcasting' student work, responses, behavior issues, etc. when on Zoom.

readandweep 09-11-2021 03:27 AM

I am sorry that I have no help, but posts like these make me grateful for my union.

They shut down the in person and remote option completely. If teachers want to do zoom office hours or zoom tutoring for quarantined kids it is optional, outside of contract hours and paid.

Haley23 09-10-2021 09:28 PM

We just got word today that we're going back to quarantining . This year it was supposed to be that just the positive person isolates.

Last year our remote service plan was that we cut IEP minutes in half, but made them 1:1 via zoom. I actually really enjoyed it.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but there is no way that can happen this year. In addition to a bunch of other factors, we're not cohorting so I'm back to having 4 grade levels.

The only way I see to meet minutes is to keep my remote and in person schedules exactly the same. If kids are quarantined, they will have to just zoom in to their regular group and they'll be on zoom while the other students are with me in person. Sucks, but I can't think of another way to do it with our current set up.

My question is, is it a privacy issue to have a zoom broadcast of a sped classroom? Say students A and B are quarantined and students C, D, and E are not quarantined/still in person. If I zoom in students A and B, parents and siblings in those households can watch what students C, D, and E are doing in my sped classroom.

Do you think that's okay? Any precedence for this? I was thinking, surely there are other schools that had to do both this past year and there is some sort of precedence for this.

OTOH, there are so many weird privacy things with sped. We're not allowed to reference an IEP on the front page of a report card "in case someone else were to see it and then they'd know that student has an IEP." We also weren't allowed to create our own google classroom last year, because kids/parents could click on the "people" tab and see who else is in sped. Obviously if they're watching them on zoom, they're going to know who else is in sped.

I haven't broken the news to the rest of my team that it's just not going to work out to do what we did last year. One of my teammates always goes straight to this privacy stuff (she's the reason we couldn't do the google classroom last year) so I know she'll bring it up. I'd like to have my thoughts organized before Monday.

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