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ConnieWI's Message:

I am so sorry you are not being treated respectfully.

Do you have a job description?

Then you could respond, "What you are asking/implying is not in my job description!!"

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
midwestread 10-29-2017 01:33 PM

I know that's what they are thinking, it's exactly what they think. You are sweet to say that.
The difference is I've been trying to communicate what my job is and what it isn't for years.
I tell them I'm like the mechanic. You can drive a car, and even be a great driver, anticipate bumpy roads, fast reflexes, you know where the speed traps are.
I come if the car breaks down. If the kids didn't get the first time, reinforcing the classroom teacher lesson won't work. Neither will saying it louder, slower, or repeating it

My job is to figure out why the "car" broke down, and know alternative procedures to patch up those holes. Sometimes we can reinforce concepts, most of the time it's backfill.

I've literally said this for the past 5 years.. that's why I still get frustrated
Thanks for listening.

Ayla7723 10-28-2017 05:20 PM

I must say as a relatively new teacher I didn't really know what Title 1 teachers job entailed. I thought it was more to backup or reinforce what the classroom teacher was teaching. So I was guilty of telling her what to do. Actually telling her what we were covering as a class then asking her if she could go over the same strategy I was teaching. She said she was doing something else. At the time I thought she was being a little rude to say that to me because I didn't know her job description. I say this because maybe it's the same situation with some classroom teachers in your school. Next time maybe you should make them aware of the fact that you are not there to aid them in whatever they're teaching. You can teach what you feel is needed not what they suggest.

ConnieWI 09-30-2017 05:48 PM

I am so sorry you are not being treated respectfully.

Do you have a job description?

Then you could respond, "What you are asking/implying is not in my job description!!"

Suggestion 09-29-2017 08:18 AM

I dare say that everyone in your position has experienced the same frustration that you describe. Since you have a record of success every year, you must be doing something right - it's just that no one really gives a damn! For your own sanity, it's important to focus on your kids and to the extent possible IGNORE/AVOID the unpleasant teachers - don't even bother to respond to their silly remarks - just shrug your shoulders! There's nothing much that your P can or will do, so always watch your back with him/her too.

Keep doing what's right and you'll be OK and your stress will subside.

midwestread 09-28-2017 04:26 PM

I'm an Interventionist/Reading specialist.
Every freaking year, these classroom teachers push me to try to push me around and tell me what to do, what to teach and have the nerve to question what I teach and when.
I get tired of having to CONSTANTLY defend myself.
My P backs me but why does it have to be a freaking battle!! I have a record of lifting up these kids EVERY YEAR.
Teachers that have never been a specialist think they know what my job is, yet have never been a reading specialist. It's different than being a classroom teacher, it just is.

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