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Loveandmercy's Message:

Thank you for the info. I already bought ticket. It is only a two hour job fair and I have applied online already, also. Looks like a meet and greet. Shoot. Oh well. Live and learn. Thanks again.

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Loveandmercy 02-18-2018 05:48 AM

Thank you for the info. I already bought ticket. It is only a two hour job fair and I have applied online already, also. Looks like a meet and greet. Shoot. Oh well. Live and learn. Thanks again.

Haley23 02-16-2018 07:59 PM

I'm not sure if you've already made your decision since this was originally posted a couple of weeks ago, but I think it greatly depends on the job fair. I've been to a couple of job fairs where districts were actually conducting interviews and those were extremely valuable.

In most cases, they were just doing screening interviews, so you weren't actually getting hired from the fair, but last time I went to one of those I got a follow up "real" interview from every district I met with at the fair. I'm sure having been through the screening process first gave me a huge leg up over other applicants. Look for the amount of time scheduled for the fair- if it's two days or at least a full day, there is a better chance they're doing interviews.

On the other hand, I once paid for a hotel and came into a town the night before (I was living a few hours away at the time) for a job fair that was a complete waste of time. It was around this time of year and schools were there just doing "meet and greets." Basically, they were just spending 1-2 minutes with each candidate, giving a little spiel about their district, and passing out little brochures explaining how to apply online. They weren't even taking resumes- just saying, "apply online."

I'd already applied online for every district that was going to be there prior to going to the job fair, and any information they were sharing could easily be found online. There is no chance that anyone was going to remember me from speaking with me for 1-2 minutes and not even taking down any of my information.

I'd hate to spend $700 for something like that! Bottom line, I'd call and ask if there will be time set aside for interviews. Stay away from "meet and greets." Ask how many of the districts will be doing interviews. At the one I went to where interviews were conducted, the largest districts still were only doing meet and greets, but there were 10+ smaller districts doing interviews.

Donnateaches 02-16-2018 12:23 PM

I was also hired at a job fair, years ago,in my 50s. I didn't have a lot of expense, as I was visiting the state at the time. Several people I work with were hired at out-of-state job fairs. Some were strictly phone interviews! I think it depends on how much they need candidates and your certification. Mine was accepted with no issues.! Good luck!

Loveandmercy 02-06-2018 03:57 AM

Thanks, NerdTeach. I will search online for list of schools attending. Great advice!

NerdTeach 02-05-2018 09:26 AM

I've never done a job fair, but they must work if people keep hosting them, right?!

On another note, I just wanted to encourage you that most administrators are very willing to do Skype or phone interviews for the first interview. You will most likely be asked to do the second interview in person. That's the format that was used when I got a job out of state. So I think it would come down to how much money you really want to spend on interviewing for whether or not you want to attend the job fair.

You could always email cover letters and resumes to schools that are at the job fair without actually attending. You should be able to find a list online.

Loveandmercy 02-03-2018 01:28 PM

Hi All,
I am in the West and dissatisfied with a lot about my school etc. Am planning to move to the East, hopefully, Kentucky or Tennessee.

I just found out Rutherford County in Tennessee is having a job fair. I only get two personal days at current job, so I am wondering if this is a good thing to spend one day on. I would fly out Friday, Job Fair is Saturday and then home on Sunday.

It would cost about $700.00. But I would meet a ton of administrators. I am wondering if they then would be willing to Skype for an interview when they are looking more closely at candidates?

I have so many questions about interviewing and a job search. I am in my early 50's so I am somewhat nervous that they will not be interested because of that fact alone. I adore teaching and still feel so energized and motivated to be of service to the children!

Thank you so much

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