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Jazzbo's Message:

I've used this in second grade, fourth, fifth and sixth. When we're lining up - especially when we're waiting in the hall, we do this. I call out, quietly, a question. Could be a math fact, science question, whatever. When they know it, they cross their legs. I call on someone.
They love it. Even now, when I'm tired, they will ask to do it. A student can lead it as well.

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Discussion Review (newest messages first)
Patrol 10-24-2017 12:29 PM

Definitely recommend Silent Speedball. You can sit in a circle and pass around the ball like hot potato but silent.

smith lc 11-13-2009 02:56 PM

Can you give more details on the game?

Teach1286 09-26-2009 06:34 PM

My class has really enjoyed playing what we call the "Spy Game". They pretend to be secret agent spies while walking through the hallways. I told them that I am the "boss" and if I turn around and hear them talking, then they are "fired" and have to go to the back of the line. They get really into the game and therefore our class is quiet in the hallways.

Jazzbo 06-11-2009 01:15 AM

I've used this in second grade, fourth, fifth and sixth. When we're lining up - especially when we're waiting in the hall, we do this. I call out, quietly, a question. Could be a math fact, science question, whatever. When they know it, they cross their legs. I call on someone.
They love it. Even now, when I'm tired, they will ask to do it. A student can lead it as well.

RedHeadCodes 06-10-2009 08:34 PM

I'm 17 and work at an after school daycare at an elementary school (although currently it's all day, due to it being summer). Whenever we take kids from one place to another we are REQUIRED to play "transition game" to keep the kids quiet and focused.

My certain group of kids I'm assigned to are grades 3-6, mainly 5th graders. They're pretty mature, and so don't like too many "kiddy" games.

I really want summer to be fun for them all, and so I was wondering if anyone had any game ideas that can be played while walking in a line, and that older kids would enjoy.

Any ideas are much appreciated!

Nicki F. 05-05-2009 06:29 PM

We play a game called 'I love specials' in the hallway. One student is chosen to stand across the hall while facing the wall with his or her eyes covered. I pick one other student to come up to them and whisper "I love P.E." (or whatever special we are going to at the time). After the person who whispered returns to line then the person with their eyes covered has to guess who it was. If the person on the wall gets it right then they stay on the wall for the next round. If they guess it wrong then the whisperer gets to take his/her place on the wall and the game continues! Just for fun I occasionally act as the 'whisperer' and they never guess it's me!!

Phyllis 08-27-2008 07:05 AM

There was a large physical map (not labeled) in the hall outside the gym. When we were waiting to go into the gym, the students sat in front of it, and we did activities for locating places on the map. (I am retired now),

Littlekid 08-27-2008 07:02 AM

i have a game called pass the tongue twister and the game says itself you have to pass a tongue twister in a group of kids in a circle.they take turns making tongue twister or funny words that are hard to say

loveli 07-08-2007 05:55 PM

Something Ive tried that has worked from K-5 is "Quiet Mouse." I start by quietly tapping a very quiet student standing in the line. They then walk the line quietly looking for a quiet person to lightly tap on the shoulder, and so on... This has worked really well but I'd like to be able to add more games so that things dont get too boring! You all have posted some awesome ideas! Thank you!!!

MaryMac 07-07-2007 06:54 AM

Pro teachers are awesome!

Winn-Dixie 07-06-2007 08:18 PM

i like these ideas! sometimes i just give tickets to kids and put their names into a drawing. i'm not very good at keeping up with it though.

buster 07-06-2007 08:21 AM

They skip count one at a time and have to pay attention to when their turn is coming up because we are quietly saying the numbers. I walk beside the line as a signal when their turn is coming up. The patterns we do are simple...I might snap, touch nose, reach up to the ceiling, snap...We do it a couple of times and then students raise their hand to tell me what kind of pattern it is(ABCA). I call on a student and if it is correct then that student then comes up with their own pattern while we are waiting.

tweet 07-06-2007 07:26 AM

My kids love to play the game of "guess my favorites". I decide on what my favorite is going to be, give them a couple of examples, then they raise their hands to ask me if I like something, and I respond yes or no. They can't ask the category, only give an example. If I say that I like puppies and kittens, but not dogs and cats, then they need to try to figure out that my favorites have double consonants. So they will ask, do you like piglets? and I will say no (they thought the category was baby animals) Then someone will ask do you like apples? Of course, but not oranges. You see? Or maybe I will choose 3 syllable words, or long vowel words, etc. They love it when they figure out a correct response. They just kind of stand there and gloat while others around them are desperately trying to come up with an acceptable answer. Sometimes this is how I line them up, they have to give a correct response to line up first.

brastasi 07-06-2007 03:25 AM

One of my students is in charged of a small basket with flashcards. The student holds up the flash card and use her/his fingers for counting (3 secs to give the answer) when the answer is given, the student goes to the end of the line. This is done quietly and helps students with math facts.

loveli 07-05-2007 08:29 PM

Does everyone skip count together or do the kids count one at a time? I want to keep it pretty quiet but I like the idea of them being engaged while waiting in line. And how do you pick the shapes they make with their bodies? Thanks for the suggestions.

Zee 07-05-2007 08:05 PM

I sometimes play a game with my's me vs. them. We try to see who can be the quietest. If they win we draw some bingo numbers. If I win, we don't draw any bingo numbers. If it's a tie, we still draw bingo numbers. I have had to explain to some other teachers why I didn't verbally respond back to them in the hallway, and now when my kids are doing a great job, these teachers try to get me to talk so the kids can win. We don't do this every time we are in the hallway, but it works well on a chatty day.

Happy Teacher 07-05-2007 06:59 PM

For good behavior in the hallway I have a technique that I read about somewhere called the perfect 10. In the hallway it should be 1 straight line (hence the number 1 in the 10) and 0 voices (the zero in 10) If the students are quiet we cross a number off the number grid chart. When they have a row of 10 crossed off they earn 10 extra minutes of recess. This is great for the beginning of the year when you are trying to teach procedures. I would not do it the whole year though.
The other idea is to do a chant before we leave the classroom. Again, I don't know where I found this idea, I've used it for a long time. The chant is to the tune of that army song...sound off.....Here's the chant...
teacher says....Standing in line is easy to do. (kids repeat line)
Teacher says...when you take care of only you (kids repeat)
Teacher says...feet are forward, hands to the side (kids repeat)
Teacher says...lips are closed we walk with pride. (kids repeat)

iteachkids 07-05-2007 06:25 PM

I have a castle theme for my classroom. I have the prince/princess of the week and the queen/king of the week each pick a secret student. They will each pick from our class sticks. One will pick a girl and another will pick a boy. (Except this coming year, since I will have 14 boys and only 8 girls!) The students all walk quietly in the hallway since they don't know whose names were picked. When we get to our destination in the school if the secret students walked appropriately in the hall they announce who they are. If they didn't walk in the halls how they should, the name(s) are NOT announced. When we get back to the classroom the secret students get a treat if they had correct behavior in the hallway, if they didn't, the prince or queen gets the treat. I have been doing this for 4 years, and it works terrific!

buster 07-05-2007 06:20 PM

I'll have students copy patterns using their bodies or we skip count by 2, 5 or 10 until someone gets it wrong. Then we start over and always try to beat the highest number we got.

loveli 07-05-2007 05:57 PM

Any ideas for quiet games/activities for the kids while in line in the halls? Thank you, thank you!

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