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twin2's Message:

I'm at the same point, wanting to start my masters but not sure what to take. Reading your post and the replies has helped .

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MAsped 03-31-2019 11:05 AM

I don't know about reading specialist aka reading recovery, etc. In my district in California they don't have those and I've heard you get burned out fast. It's tough to decide.

twin2 01-06-2019 11:24 AM

I'm at the same point, wanting to start my masters but not sure what to take. Reading your post and the replies has helped .

Snicklesnack 12-27-2018 06:40 AM

If you want to go the reading route, a masters in Language and Literacy or some other reading-related would be best, including reading specialist certification if that is a thing in your state. Otherwise, Curriculum and Instruction is a great option to cover the other things you mentioned, including gifted and talented.

Hpylife 12-24-2018 04:35 PM

Our HR dept has a few people who's job it is to let us know the different avenues we can do for our masters...
That said, we did have Instructional Facilitators that covered a few schools each,,and they also helped manage questions like this..but they recently got cut out of a job! They actually go cut and told they will be offered classroom teaching jobs next year and no IF positions...from what I know that is a big pay cut!

I'd love to do PreK...but the pay is horrible in my district.
I have zero interest in admin
I've looked into Guidance and that is what I may be leaning towards, I only have 3yrs left to get my masters so I have to decide by the end of this summer what I'm taking..
I've had coworkers that go into school psychology, IT ,media specialists, reading specialists, and content and curriculum specialists....Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!! I hope more people chime in because it's a great way to get other options on the table.

Haley23 12-21-2018 01:44 PM

I would say reading would be your best bet. Even if you stay in the classroom, the information will be useful. I would not go the early childhood route at all. Here, pre-k teachers make close to minimum wage.

I'd wonder about the sustainability of a GT position. When I first started teaching 9 years ago, my district had a GT teacher, but it was literally one teacher for the entire district. Neither of the other two schools I've worked in have had GT teachers at all. Even if they're common in your area now, will that position be there to stay?

As far as an instructional coach, I don't know that any specific MA is required here. If you're truly interested in something like that, I'd ask someone in your district what the requirements are.

WGReading 12-21-2018 11:24 AM

I am a reading specialist and instructional coach at the elementary level. Earning your masters in literacy or math would be beneficial in the gen ed classroom, working in early childhood, or becoming an academic specialist.
In my district, an endorsement is required for positions such as math, reading or ESL. Instructional coaches either have a specialized endorsement and lots of experience, or sometimes a masters in curriculum and instruction. Our district level content admin all have that degree and/or an admin certificate.

I love my job and couldnít see myself doing anything else. I think you canít really go wrong with a content masters. But I would do it because you love teaching the content, not because of the current job market since that can change.

middlestsis 12-01-2018 01:56 PM

Hey all, I'm interested in pursuing a masters' (or higher??) but I am not sure what to get it in. I am pretty sure I want to stay in a school and not go into administration, but I am not 100% about staying in a general classroom setting. I'd love to do RtI for reading or math or work as a pullout teacher for G/T students. I also think about preschool sometimes, but I'm not sure my state pays the same for those teachers. I guess here's a couple things I'm looking at and my thoughts:

Preschool- Not sure what masters' I'd get for this, but I would love working with the young ones and really getting a chance to focus on learning through play. I know however that they are very needy and it is a difficult job!

G/T- My school has two separate programs for G/T students. One is a pullout that serves multiple groups of students for only a certain part of the day and another that is a whole day. I'm more interested in the pullout, but I am not sure how likely it is that I would get either of those positions (even in other schools).

Reading Master's/Math Master's: I also like the idea of pulling out students for RtI in reading or math. We currently have multiple people who do reading pull out, but none for math. I am not sure if they pay scale is the same for general classroom teachers (and unfortunately a big pay cut is not in my and my DH's budget).

Reading Instructional Coach: We have one of these at our school and I don't think it is likely we'd get funding for another, but this person is supposed to help teachers by going into the classrooms, giving advice, etc. I'm not sure how interested I am in this, but my principal has invited me to multiple PDs where no other classroom teachers were invited, just instructional coaches.

Sorry for the spewing of my ideas, but I need to get some classes in to renew my state certification and I want to go ahead and start my master's! Does anyone have experiences in these or advice to give?

Thanks so much!!

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