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nucleus 07-07-2017 05:44 AM

supply lists
My district just went to a generic supply list that they are putting in all local stores. They also sent an email saying that this is the list and any other lists should be thrown out and not given out. Although the district Language Arts team told us that binders were a fabulous idea and we have been using binders for the last two years they aren't on the supply list! Well I'm not buying binders for kids and I doubt the district will by a math and LA binder for every kid.

We also use myon reading which requires earbuds. Nope not on the list.

Another thing they left off is a box of tissue. I'm not buying the amount of tissues that we go through. When each kid brings a box, it's manageable and we usually make it to the end of the year. I guess we are having a big ol roll of TP on my counter this year.

Did they not get any input at all?

BellJ 07-07-2017 05:53 AM

Supply list woes
My district did this for 3 years. It was ridiculous. It didn't have many things we actually needed, but lots of extra nonsense. They finally listened to the teachers and went back to individual school lists last year.

I tell my parents on Open House night that I recommend students bring their own headphones. I always mention that it cuts down on the spread of lice. Most of my students have them within in a week. <!--giggle-->

I wouldn't buy tissues either. I would send home a note and that would be the end of it.

arsabl 07-07-2017 05:59 AM

Supply list
For the past several years we have only been allowed to have a suggested supply list. No student is required to bring so much as a pencil. The philosophy is this is public education and the district will pay for EVERYTHING! Well...we all know how that works out. I don't buy for my students anymore. We will either have the supply in the supply closet or we do without. Luckily for me, the supply ordering secretary likes me and will usually fill my requests within reason.

mommy9298 07-07-2017 06:13 AM

That is crazy. Not every teacher uses the same items. I used to spend a fortune on supplies for kids. I stopped a few years ago. I will only by items for my use only. I send a supply notice home when students don't have the supplies or they run out. I have students bring in the small packages of tissues to leave in their desk. I no longer put out the box. That was one of the best things I have ever done. I have a box in my closet and if a student needs a tissue, I get it for them. At the end of the year, I ask students if they want to donate their pencils, crayons, and scissors to me. I use these items for the kids that need supplies. I would not buy the binders. Can you request them the first day of school?

MissESL 07-07-2017 06:30 AM

Yes!!! That drives me nuts! There is no way that a kinder child needs exactly the same amount or kind of supply as a 6th grader! Our district also states they will provide everything...
Which must be how I landed 23 whole glue sticks for an entire year for a class of 20!

I wrote a grant for headphones through our education foundation. I assign each student their own pair for the year and clean them periodically. I send home a note asking for donations periodically and often get a decent response. I'm also very open with kids - we don't have it, we do without it. So if we run out of glue, no more cut-n-paste or choosing scrapbook paper as a background to display our writing.

I don't mind buying those things that I might want for a particular project, but I will not supply my students - I personally feel that when you have a child, you know that one day they will go to school, which in turn means that one day, you will need to buy them school supplies!

EllyTeaches 07-07-2017 09:09 AM

Sorry that happened to you. At our school, we gather as a team and come up with the supplies we want. (We don't go over-the-top with it.) It's nice because we can change based on what we notice from the previous year. Every kid is bringing in wipes this year because we needed them a lot to wipe cupboards, desks, etc. We are not getting hand sanitizer because we have so much of it.

Our supply lists include pencils, paper, Expo markers, folders, and a few other things. There's also a giveaway of supplies for those who need them at our elem. school two weeks before the year starts.

apple annie 07-07-2017 12:13 PM

Just another example of those who are out of touch making the decisions that should be entrusted to the people who are close to the situation - namely, classroom teachers.

Elly, you do exactly what we do. It makes the most sense because if we end the year with an excess of one thing, we can remove it from the list. We don't have storage space for stuff we don't need. Several of us have a pretty extensive collection of construction paper gathered over the past few years, so we took it off the list and will just share with any teacher who doesn't have as much. Glue supply is running low this time, so we were able to add that back onto the list. Our principal trusts us to determine what we need and we try to keep it reasonable for parents by making those kind of adjustments.

123rabbit 07-07-2017 12:20 PM

Grade level list
Hope you can send out a list of suggested items the first day of school. I woulld not be purchasing ear buds, tissues or binders either.

We have grade level lists. Wish I could make some changes like composition books instead of spirals, glue for gluesticks and skinny markers not fat ones for interactive journal notes. Oh well, majority rules. <!--girl1--><!--boy_waving--><!--colorpencils--><!--pencil-->

Need to check my Wal-Mart for any good BOY sales. :D<!--flipflops-->

nucleus 07-07-2017 09:52 PM

Update of sorts
I think one of the biggest things that ticks me off is that I teach 90 kids a day. It's not like I can just come up with 25 and move on. Ugh. I also know that the district isn't going to supply each kid with 3 1" binders which is what they need. We sent the kids home with a list at the end of the year. So those that follow our grade level school list will have what they need and those that follow the district approved list will not. How can I ask the second group to get the binders and earbuds when they weren't on the approved list? How can I not use the materials that I said I needed with the kids that actually followed directions? So ricidulous!

anna 07-08-2017 06:30 AM

I would put "suggested materials" comments in my newsletter stating to parents that you do have activities specific to your class and the suggested materials will be helpful to their child. Then roll out your program. If you get fussy about the dumb move on the clueless admin part, the admin will interfere with your classroom activities. That's called micromanagement. Stay low ,quiet and do your thing anyways.

SusanTeach 07-08-2017 08:46 AM

supply list
I feel your pain. We have to do one as a grade level and even that isn't what I want. Everyone does their classroom differently, so we don't all need the same things.

I end up sending emails to parents and telling them what NOT to buy and what they can purchase instead. Unfortunately, most have bought everything at sales at that point since we don't get our class list until the last minute. :(

Honestly, many parents buy what they want apparently. I have kids who show up with boxes, binders, sharpeners, etc... I very kindly tell them we don't need these in class so they can use them at home - then I put them in their book bags. There's no room for bulky extras!

Century46 07-09-2017 07:54 AM

No Supplies
In my district, we are no longer allowed to ask parents for ANY supplies. I appreciate that we are trying to be responsive to the fact that we are a high poverty area...but now we are forced to use our annual spending allotment for supplies rather than other teaching materials or books, because we can't get anything from families. For several years, we were allowed to create a list that was about $10.00 but three years ago that was stopped as well. I do appreciate the two or three moms that come to me saying they think this is ridiculous and want to help. I ask them for Kleenex and "anything else you find on sale that you want to donate." I will occasionally (in my newsletter) ask for donations of something specific...but this is not something I share with administration because I'm sure I would be told not to do it. Last year I had one mom keep me in Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer all year because she wanted to help her son not get sick. lol

2sankofa 07-09-2017 05:06 PM

Two years ago, my principal decided that she would use part of her budget to buy supplies for our 950 kids. Grade teams were required to put the lists together plus teacher lists for classrooms. It has worked out great.

Ima Teacher 07-10-2017 09:17 AM

We are not allowed to put anything besides the basic school supplies on the list, and even then we have to provide materials for students who don't bring them. We can't ask for tissues, sanitizer, of non-academic supplies of any kind.

For years we used our team funds to buy supplies for all our students. It worked great, and then there were no questions about the supplies they needed.

ICrazyTeach 07-10-2017 07:50 PM

A few years ago we went to a more generic supply list-- in the middle of the summer! We had already ordered for the new year and had even set up with a company for parents to order supplies that were delivered to school in a box with their child's name. And there was absolutely no input from teachers whatsoever.:mad:

JulieP 07-12-2017 09:19 AM

That Stinks
I'm at a small charter school, and we make the list based on grade level. Our list contains a turn into homeroom teacher list of supplies, to be kept and replenished by student list, and then since students rotate classes, each teacher has their own supply list. It's all in one document and parents have access to it on our website before the previous year ends.

Turn in to homeroom: 2 boxes tissue, 1 container wipes, 1 bottle board cleaner

Kept and replenished by student: Pencils, Stylus, headphones, earbuds

What I like about this is that 1) We can adjust each year based on need and over supply. 2) On my campus, if you are running low on something, there is bound to be someone with too much of it. Just send an email out, and pretty soon 2 or 3 teachers have you covered. One year, kindergarten supplied each teacher with 3 boxes of tissue because instead of bringing in 2 boxes, most parents brought in 2 packages. Construction or manilla paper hasn't been on my list in 2 years. Glue just showed back up.

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