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amandabio 05-27-2015 09:38 AM

HELP! Conservation Class Curriculum

I've been given a new 10-12 grade class to teach next year. Conservation. I have no idea where to begin with writing a curriculum or even what I want to teach in this class and it's all up to me. Does anyone know where I can find curriculum? Standards of some sort for teaching a conservation class?? Anything?? Help! I've found random activities and such, but I need a WHOLE idea.


lisa53 05-27-2015 11:05 AM

Look under Environmental Science...some texts/programs may be heavily tilted toward conservation.

Do you only have a title? A course description? An outline?

Sariana 05-27-2015 12:26 PM

The Boy Scouts have an environmental science merit badge. You can buy the book for about $5 at any Boy Scout store. It might be useful as a framework for a course.

You also can visit

lisa53 05-27-2015 01:28 PM

Another question: what's the student population? Is it for any student who wants to sign up? honors students? students who need a science credit but can't or won't manage a rigorous chemistry/physics class?

Also, where are you located? Do you have access to outdoor facilities?

My dsil took a program at the local votech high school called Natural Resources. They learned some forestry, ran a maple sugar operation, built a small cabin, learned to run a chain saw, backhoe, etc.

At the other end of the spectrum is the AP Environmental Science course I teach, which is all about experimental method and ecology.

You want to meet somewhere in the middle of that, I think...An environmental science text will have a lot of useful stuff for you. I have some ideas for what I might do if I were teaching such a course. I would probably make it very practical...consider waste management in our school (recycle program, composting, etc), do home energy audits, test tap water and water from local lakes and rivers, grow a school garden, study local environmental issues, field trips to water and waste water treatment plants, landfill, local farms, a green building or net zero energy building, etc. There are tons of citizen science opportunities such as removing invasive plants, participating in bird counts, etc.

Cate_in_Mo 09-02-2015 04:37 PM

You might check ABC Technology Environmental Science. It is pretty introductory, but would give you some ideas. We used it last year, 9-12 class, open enrollment. It is project based and a little cross-curricular.
I am in a rural district, so students are "outdoorsy" and we have lots of green space access. It might be harder in an urban school.

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