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MissESL 10-23-2018 04:10 PM

Feeling Frustrated
After a particular trying day, Iím feeling frustrated.

Today, an entire class told me they hate me, they hate my class, I am boring, my lessons suck, and - direct quote - ďbruh, weíre bad cuz we hate this class.Ē AND ďthis is too much work.Ē We are doing poetry and a Cinquain was too much to ask for, apparently.

Annnnd thatís where 30% of my evaluation comes from. :rolleyes:

Iím not hurt by it, not even particularly upset, but Iím frustrated. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

kahluablast 10-23-2018 04:23 PM

That is tough to hear.

Sucks that so much attention is given to children. I mean, when I was growing up, I loved school, but I bet I would have been happy to join kids who were saying school was bad, class is boring... I had several teachers I did not especially like. Given the opportunity, I might have been happy to tell themI hated them and the class. Fortuneatly for my teachers and I, I didn't have those choices. I worked hard and was respectful because that was the expectation. We learned what we were told to learn, however we were told to do it.

End of story.

Inmates run the asylum. Of course, kids would rather play games than work hard on pencil and paper. Duh. I would, too, but I do what needs to be done in ways that work. And it isn't always fun.

Hope tomorrow is better for you.

Mikhail 10-23-2018 05:32 PM

by their own admission
Middle schoolers think this way. They will say anything and everything to get your goad on. I bet that this student said this in front of people for shock value too. Don't give them the satisfaction.

teacherwriter 10-24-2018 01:23 AM


Middle schoolers think this way. They will say anything and everything to get your goad on. I bet that this student said this in front of people for shock value too. Don't give them the satisfaction.
Yep. I continue to work on this. And the "boring" part too. <!--giggle--> They just don't want to work. At all.

allier 10-24-2018 03:14 AM

Learning to be bored.....
Tell them learning to stay with something is a valuable life lesson. They are lucky to have you. When my students say something is boring, I tell them it's good to experience boring -- lets you know when you are excited. Not every learning activity can be packed with fun-filled wonder! You or I would never leave school if every lesson was super fun, dynamic, etc.... If YOU think it's boring, then you can change, but if you are striving to help and meet their needs, then they need to learn the art of patience!!!

MissESL 10-24-2018 06:38 AM

Middle School
Haha, thatís exactly what I say!

I donít think my lessons are boring, in general. I go out of my way to make them engaging, but this particular class is full of kids who donít particularly care and make little to no effort. Itís a small group of only 6, all of whom are ELL and half of whom also have an IEP. Life is hard, school is torture, and I do get it. But I still have a job to do, and they have a job to do, too. I have to hold them accountable, because I am accountable for them. Plus, I donít think that encouraging learned helplessness or entertaining the attitude that if they donít want to, they donít have to is healthy or in their best interest.

Thank you for our encouraging words and empathy. I greatly appreciate it!! :)

ellenroo 10-24-2018 07:28 AM

If it makes you feel any better a lot of students say my class is boring. I'm art. We have fun. They just want to try to hurt teachers for some reason. I have other students tell me my class is fantastic because they get to do so much.

invoted4 10-25-2018 08:01 AM

Today's students feel life is all about being entertained. Much of it is due to the technology at their fingertips where they can move on quickly if something doesn't grab them immediately.

Kinderkr4zy 10-25-2018 06:15 PM

I had a student last year who always said everything was we did was boring...everything except free

He started to get to me after a while even though I knew it was bull (we built trap and mazes and coded robots to go through them, we created lemonade stands businesses and sold products to the upper graders during their lunch recess-lemonade stand to make those most money wins, we built self sustaining closed ecosystems with live plants and animals I am 100% sure that we did fun things).

Some kids just have no appreciation and they over generalize as well- donít mind them

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