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lovetosub 05-17-2019 06:10 AM

Four weeks left. Itís a Friday. Resource at the beginning of the day. These students havenít seen me since the beginning of April. Of course, they are excited!

So, please, tell me why it was necessary to walk into my resource class and chastise my students, and through them, me, about being ďsocialĒ when it was supposed to be a study period. Then (a) donít put Resource at the beginning of the day, and (b) deal with the fact that not everyone has the same classroom management approach.

How dare you come into my classroom and criticize the way I run things with only four weeks left of school. Eff you. Seriously.

I heard the kids run into your room and exclaim, ďMrs. So-and-so is here!Ē So maybe you didnít like that, didnít like that the kids were happy to see me. Because if that stick up your butt is as big as I think it is, well, then, I think that may explain why the kids were so ecstatic to see me.

I get it. Iím just a sub. But Iíve been doing this for 12 years and Iíve honed my classroom management skills to what works for me and is beneficial to the students. So if the fact that the kids respond more favorably to me rather than you, well, then, step off. Iíve got 10 seconds to establish authority while youíve had 8 months. Get over yourself.

And end rant. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 😆

subasaurus 05-17-2019 01:15 PM

I've noticed some teachers have been particularly vindictive lately.

Perhaps the end of the year stress and pressure are driving them crazy.

All I know is I'm feeling like I'm walking on egg shells this month a lot more than usual.

Sounds like those teachers you speak of may feel threatened that the kids are responding favorably to you. Careful, they might try to sabotage you!

luv2teach2017 05-17-2019 03:43 PM


How dare you come into my classroom and criticize the way I run things
Yep...I know the type. Seems like there's at least one at every school, doesn't it?

There's a teacher at a school I frequent. The school staff and students are always happy to see me. But seems like every time I'm subbing there, one particular teacher makes a point of chasing me down to chastise me about something trivial. She's the only one who does that, and it really gets on my nerves.

Don't these folks have better things to do? Seriously?

kRISHNA 05-18-2019 11:38 AM

I have come to realize after many years of serving as a Guest Teacher: Some people have no emotional control, I am not just talking about the students. There is always some person who has a snarky remark, or negative comment when coming through the doors in the morning. I think a lot of times our ability to react with poise makes the perpetrator look silly and juvenile.
I agree it can be extremely annoying when someone steps on your toes, or ruins your good mood with a subtle stinging remark.
I have learned:

"There is only one way to Happiness, cease to worry about things outside of your control; it is natural to want to be well thought of and well regarded by others, but stick to your purpose" Epictetus

This small bit of Teaching has led to a world of Peace of mind to me over the years, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me

broad 05-18-2019 02:36 PM

so annoying!
I hate that when someone comes in and starts screaming at the class to be quiet, etc. right in front of you! I agree with others - just let it go. You know you are doing what's right for you and the students. When someone criticizes you it tells a lot about that person. Why do they feel the need to do that? It just happened to me in a group I attend - I felt so hurt and thought I had been in the right. I accepted it as a learning experience about myself - how hurt I felt and also about that person. Oh well!

I think maybe they are a bit jealous when students show they like you so much!!

sometimesub 05-21-2019 10:24 AM

Well, I've been on both sides of that situation.

As a sub, I would far rather have teachers criticize me to my face than do it behind my back. When they come into my class and get after students, I try to charitably assume that they are trying to help me and that they are hoping to make their colleague's return easier. No, it's not always true, and it's not always helpful, either, but they may have been instructed to do things like this by administrators who are having trouble filling sub positions. If the regular teacher comes back and the students are glad to see her/him, if s/he doesn't have to put out any fires that I've lit, if there is evidence that some learning occurred on the day I was there and if s/he doesn't have to spend an entire day getting classroom management back on track, then I feel that I've done a good job.

When I was a full time teacher, I found it annoying when subs thought that their job was winning a popularity contest. I preferred having a sub that my students liked, but if that liking was purchased at the price of allowing them to do whatever they wanted, that was not helpful. When I hear subs brag about how much better the kids like them than they do their regular teacher, I always think "Yes, but you are not responsible for things like test scores, student growth, dealing with "educator effectiveness" scores and all the bazillion other ways that teachers are held accountable for student achievement. Winning the popularity contest doesn't always translate into student achievement.

lovetosub 05-28-2019 08:22 AM

Thatís me, youíre talking about
Sometimes sub

Iím very creative, industrious, dramatic and entertaining. I know my material, and if I donít, I know it by the time first period rolls around. My students work, but I get them there by using everything at my disposal to get them there, including humor. And lots of it. Yup, students like me because Iím not the regular teacher. Iím like a shiny doll, new and exciting.

But Iím only as good as the lesson plans left for me. If a teacher leaves me, ďstudents will continue to work on the project they started yesterday,Ē thereís not a lot for me to do with that. As the regular teacher, it is your responsibility to make sure students are achieving. Iím filling in for you and am not paid the big bucks to manage expectations outside of that particular day.

kRISHNA 06-27-2019 01:02 PM

I understand it is good to receive feedback and correction.....but it should be done with dignity.
Rudeness is never acceptable period.

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