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looping 11-07-2006 03:14 AM

My Turn to Feel Overwhelmed
This is my first year as grade 3-5 Title1 Math/Reading tutor after 5 years of retirement which was after 30 years of teaching. Initially I was looking for part time which is my job description. I service 18 students from 10 different classrooms in the 2 subject areas. After reading other posts here that is NOT a big caseload. I find I need to put in long hours at school and I am not complaining-its my choice. But with weeks of "trying to come up to speed" I don't feel any progress is being made with my group. After 3 weeks of fall state test related work with all kids, we in Title1 are now assessing our students with QRI and Rigby, both of which are new to me. It seems the classroom teachers of my 3rd math students are all teaching different concepts. My gracious- this was initially so joyful an experience for me, but now its becoming stressful. I guess I'm asking for any advice that could get me onto a good path. Thanks for listening to me whine- which I don't like.

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