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littlemj 07-13-2010 04:33 AM

D5 and job sharing concern
In September I will be teaching Reading Recovery in the morning (60%) and Grade 1 LA the other 40% of the day. This means that I will have a job share partner who will teach all the other subject areas (math, science, SS, health and art) in the AM while I am doing Reading Recovery. I will probably switch into our classroom at around 10:45 or 11:00 a half hour or so before lunch. I have read both the D5 and Cafe books and absolutely love the structure it provides for empowering the students, teaching independence and allowing me to meet with children. I am really excited and my brain has not shut down all summer exploring and reading all I can. My question is for those of you who have used D5, how do you think job sharing will impact the implementation of D5, will the time of day I teach LA (PM) impact the kids ability to build stamina, what can I do to help with the transition between two teachers? Are there any other special things that I need to think about in order for D5 to work for our classroom? P.S. I don't know my job share teacher yet.

LinzRae 07-13-2010 04:46 AM

While I've never job shared like you are describing, I think you should still be able to make it work. Especially since you will be the only one teaching literacy to this class right?

Afternoons are tough, especially at the beginning of the year because they get so tired. But I did find that once D5 was fully up and running, I sometimes preferred it in the afternoon because they were so squirly and tired and throwing in a Daily 5 session calmed them right down and they focused right in!

Jules019 07-13-2010 05:23 AM

Agree with LinzRae
My students did fine with D5 in the afternoon. I had so many interruptions and specials in the morning last year that it was nearly impossible to get more than 1 round in, especially due to my 60 minute uninterrupted writing block.
I teach 2nd grade, but last year my kids were especially squirrelly. On days we didn't get to do D5, they were bummed.
I've never taught 1st, but if my little guys last year could do it, yours should be okay too.

jdunning 07-13-2010 06:39 AM

I have job shared
I job shared for 8 years. At that time neither my partner nor I knew anything about Daily 5 or CAFE so we didn't use it in a job share situation. However, I have two comments to make.

1. Since I needed to return to full time, my parnter now job shares and uses Daily 5 and CAFE and it is working out very well. Her partner, who teaches math, made a point to understand the program and how the I Charts were used, etc. and has even used a bit of that independent expectation and gradual release of responsibility during her math time. She has commented on how she notices much of what they have learned about independence during her half of the day.

2. As a person who has job shared successfully, I would suggest once you know your teaching parnter, you share with her in a very enthusiastic way, the kinds of things you will be doing with the kids to build independence, stamina, etc. More than likely, she will be on board. Common expectations are the most important thing for a job share to be successful. Also, just one thing extra... my partner and I kept a "communication notebook" on our desks. Anytime anything happened that I thought she should know about I would quickly jot a note down for her. She would do the same for me. It seems weird to say this, but school days are so busy and crazy that their were times when we just didn't have much time to talk as we traded shifts. The notebook helped tons. Good luck! I am so happy for you to be a Readng Recovery teacher. That is a professional goal of mine!!! You will be an even more amazing teacher with this knowledge.:)

littlemj 07-13-2010 03:35 PM

thanks for the advice/support
I am very excited about the Reading Recovery also. I have spoken with friends who have done the training and although it is very intense and challenging to balance both classroom and reading recovery, they have said RR is the best professional development they have ever done. They learned more about teaching/supporting kids in learning to read and write than ever in their careers. I am hoping that this, along with the structure of D5 will help me become a better teacher. I too job shared for 8 years with the same partner at the beginning of my career. We had very similar styles and teaching philosophies. We did different days each week so spent a lot of time talking on the phone when we switched days. I like your idea of the scribbler...I think it will help with communication. Thanks and be on the look out for the opportunity to do RR training :)

berkmom 07-14-2010 12:34 PM

RR and D5
I job share also. I teach the Literacy block in the morning and teaching RR in the afternoon. I have job-shared with at least five others over the 14 years i have been doing this. I have also used D5 and Cafe during the last two years. It can work and I think your RR training along with learning about cafe will make you one fantastic reading teacher. As far as stamina in the afternoon, I used to worry about stamina for RR kids in the PM. It usually isn't an issue. Are you going to have your own classroom kids in Reading Recovery?

littlemj 07-14-2010 01:36 PM

Thanks Berkmom, it is really reassuring to know that others have found it possible to do both RR and D5 in a job share situation. Our board has RR scheduled in the morning to help the students be at their best attention/focus wise. There are 2 first grade classes and yes I will be having some of my own students. I have heard that this is great for both me and the students as I get to know them so well as a learner.

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