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luv2teach36 06-04-2011 04:51 PM

Which one should I go with?
I am not doing a "them" persay, but our school is an aerospace and engineering magnet. Each grade level is called astronauts, designers, aviators, etc. My grade happens to be skydivers. I thought about having a b.b. up at the beginning of the year with an airplane and little skydiver diecuts with kiddos pictures in them.
Last year I thought about (but never used it) a big passenger looking airplane. In each window, a picture of the kiddos.
I'm thinking I should probably go with the skydiver stuff, but what do you think? Maybe at the end of the year, I could do the big airplane with each kid making a funny face or something...who knows.

Annie39 06-04-2011 05:52 PM

Skydivers get my vote.
I think you could do a lot with adventures by using skydivers. You could use cheap thin plastic table cloths to create parachutes hanging from the ceiling.

IndyRae 06-06-2011 04:04 PM

Airplane BB
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Here's a BB image I found online. Looks like this teacher put all students' pics in the windows too.

It's all I have to offer as of right now. Cute theme, but hard to think of more ideas you haven't already mentioned.:rolleyes:

ZacMan's Mom 06-07-2011 02:17 AM

What age will the students be in your classroom? I think you could use either one, with a theme of 'travel' (such as Dr. Seuss' Oh! The Places You'll Go") , combining maps, continents, planets, etc. - whatever you are studying at any particular time. You could use the skydivers to 'drop' into SS/Geo location you are studying, the airplane to fly to the different locations.... I'm really just thinking as I type, so I'm not sure that any of the ideas will work.
I always combine hurricane season with teaching latitude/longitude. We visit the Natl Hurricane Cntr website daily, and students track storms, predict whether it will become 'named', etc. You could use the airplane theme to do this since much of the information comes from images and measurements obtained via airplane.

sanrisa1 06-11-2011 04:53 AM

Love it!
I think you should go with your skydiver idea. You could have captions like:

Leap into learning
Dive into reading
Soar into...

The ideas of including the kiddos pictures is great because it contributes to the classroom being theirs instead of "ours."

Have fun!

tant04 06-14-2011 02:00 PM

i say go with your idea!

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