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Sublime 04-23-2019 07:12 PM

Why not a thank you for a job well done?
I subbed 4 days for a teacher in jr. hi. last week. We know each other as I have subbed for her before. At the same school yesterday a different teacher saw me and told me that the teacher had told her I did a great job and she wanted me to sub for her again. I was so happy to hear that. Wouldn't it be great if she had emailed me and told me that herself? I'm pleased to hear it but sometimes you just have no idea.

On the other hand, many years ago after I had to ad-lib an art lesson because the parent could not show up to do it, the teacher left me a message thanking me profusely and apologizing, etc. She said she was going to call me again and recommend me to other teachers...I never heard from her again. I still see her.

I understand we are guaranteed nothing as subs, but a compliment is always nice to hear.

SubMan 04-23-2019 08:11 PM

Nice that you got complimented. It's good to hear now and again.

Today I heard from a aide (one that actually does her job) that the classes were better behaved for me than their regular teacher. She also said I was "very smart" since I taught the math lesson without using the book.

At the end of the day the principal stopped by to offer me a long term sub job, said I was his "top pick" for the position (I already know that is BS because a sub friend of mine was offered it first and she told me about it). I have no desire to accompany a group of 6th graders on an overnight field trip.

artladyhere 04-24-2019 03:55 PM

In four years, I have only had ONE thank you----the teacher emailed me such positive words after I subbed for her for a week. I've left that email in my inbox as a reminder.

Subbing is such a lonely job! We get to hear the negative, but never the positive!

Sublime 04-24-2019 06:09 PM

Art Lady: a teacher emailed me once, writing, "I really appreciate you as a sub." I printed it, cut the few words out and put it on my refrigerator to make me smile!

subasaurus 05-05-2019 10:58 PM

Subbing can be a very thankless job.
Like artlady said, seems like we mostly hear about the negative.

The only times I feel appreciated are when I find out I'm a preferred sub.

Sadly - even being a "preferred sub" on aesop means very little.

But look at it this way: We're the unsung heroes of the school system.

We cover for teachers while they suffer with a nasty flu virus, or deal with taking their frightened children to the dentist.

We're like Spiderman, minus the adoring fans. <!--giggle-->

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