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TeacherPK6 01-11-2021 01:14 PM

Anxiety resources for young kids?
I have a student (Kinder) who's mom is concerned because her child is not doing well, and struggling with really high anxiety during this virtual learning time. Does anyone know of any good resources I could send her?

MaineSub 01-12-2021 01:48 PM

My best suggestions...
One of my favorites is I wish they did more videos... and some of their stuff can be a little clinical, but it's sound content--not just touchy-feely stuff.

If some of the anxiety comes from being online, there's some cute stuff targeted at kids on Netsmartz. It tends to be focused on staying safe while online.

I have also posted some mental health resource links on my website. This is not meant as self-promotion, everything there is free.

mommy9298 01-12-2021 03:47 PM

I teach first grade. One of my students also has anxiety with virtual learning. The student would not talk, walked away and did not want to do anything. The guidance counselor recommended that he see the pediatrician also. We set weekly goals to work on anxiety. I gave a week then he had to respond once a day, the next week twice and so on. The student walked away a lot. Another goal was to stay in class 15 minutes, the next week 20 and so on. I modify the work so itís not as much that way it gets done. I feel so bad for his parents, they are so upset. Itís a hard thing for these kids. The student is much better 3 months later and is improving. All the teachers send positive messages, we keep in contact with parents, and keep the goals small. The guidance counselor recommended books to read aloud to the class about positivity, being a good friend and itís ok to make mistakes.

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