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readerleader 11-04-2020 06:58 AM

conscious discipline
What do you know about conscious discipline? Do any of you use this in your schools?

Lilbitkm 11-04-2020 09:43 AM

I use it in my classroom. Becky Bailey was the best friend of one of my college professors and she taught a few classes with her (her book was one of our textbooks). I learned a ton from that class.

Do you have specific questions?

h0kie 11-04-2020 10:12 AM

Conscious Discipline
They use it at my sonís school and I love, love, love it. The growth Iíve seen in his ability to express and manage his emotions in the last 3 months is amazing.

So far, Iím a fan. Weíre slowly applying things from school at home so that he can have more consistency.

My DH also does many components naturally with his high school boys. Itís just his teaching/discipline style and itís pretty effective for him as well.

Teacherbee_4 11-04-2020 03:17 PM

Conscious Discipline
I get some aspects of it, and I think it's good for controlling reactions and staying calm. However, at the school I was at that implemented it, the teachers and principals took it as since the brain is learning and developing, there should be no consequences for behavior. I disagree. I get you often can't (or shouldn't) give a consequence when a kid is already in melt down mood and that it often works best to wait until a kid has calmed down. However, I still think there should be a consequence. Instead, kids got "cranky cream" and other things when visiting the principal, which is a joke in my mind. I also have an issue with the language of "safe space". I think a "Cool Down" area is better. I think by saying a space in the classroom is a "safe space" is basically saying the rest of the classroom is not safe.

readerleader 11-05-2020 04:40 PM

Thanks everyone
Iíve heard it thrown around at my school lately, but no mention of training or anything. We have no consistent discipline policy. Currently teachers use clip charts, which do nothing to teach responsibility. Is it expensive? Does it require a lot of training to implementing? I, myself, follow Alfie Kohnís philosophy.

h0kie 11-05-2020 04:54 PM

Go to the website, they have a ton of free stuff that you can look at to get an idea of how it works.

Lilbitkm 11-05-2020 06:17 PM

Conscious Discipline in my mind isn’t a behavior program so much as it is how you react and handle situations with students in the classroom. It is part of social emotional learning not necessarily a behavior program. Part of the implementation includes consequences if implemented correctly.

The only expense I could see would be purchasing the books for staff to read or having a PD done.

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