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rachelmpd 04-07-2020 08:14 AM

A local store is shopping for people to come pick up items. They advertised Easter baskets at $20, 40 and 60.. They got requests to make bigger baskets. That got me curious, if Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Christ, where did the bunny, Easter eggs/hunts/baskets come from.

mhugs 04-07-2020 08:20 AM

I just Googled Easter Basket history. This one was interesting.

lisa53 04-07-2020 09:15 AM

Christian holidays are often intentionally or unintentionally on dates connected with pagan holidays. For example, Christmas is near the winter solstice and the Roman holiday Saturnalia, and All Saints day (actually, the eve of that feast, called All Hallows Eve, or Halloween) is near Samhain. The early Church was pragmatic, choosing feast day dates to supplant festivals that new Christians might find hard to give up. Except, they didnít give up some of the pagan customs that everyone enjoyed. Hence the Christmas tree and trick or treating.

In the case of Easter, the time of year of the event was is connected with Passover, which is why the date of Easter differs from year to year on a lunar cycle, similar to Passover. This is different than Christmas. Nobody knows which date is actually Jesusí birthday, so the date for Christmas was arbitrary.

It happens that many European (and other) cultures had springtime customary celebrations, though, which is where bunnies and eggs and baskets come in.

rachelmpd 04-08-2020 11:51 PM

Like most holidays/traditions it comes from Pagens.<!--giggle-->

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