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Lillybabe 08-11-2016 01:20 PM

5/6 Classroom Theme
I had an interview this afternoon to teach a 5/6th classroom. I may not get it but I am trying to brainstorm a classroom theme as it'll need to be ready quick if I get offered the position. The interview seemed to go well so I think there's a good shot at it. So, is an owl theme too immature for 5th and 6th graders? I will have 6th graders in the morning and both 5th and 6th graders in the afternoon. I have taught Title I for the last 3 years and had an owl theme so I have some owl themed stuff still around. Otherwise, ideas for themes?

Queenie Peavy 08-11-2016 03:57 PM

I think owls would be fine. A fifth grade teacher at my school used an owl theme last year and it was really cute. The kids liked it.

Good luck...I hope the job is yours!

SusanTeach 08-11-2016 04:41 PM

Owls are totally fine for 5th-6th graders.

I hope you get it! :)

Lillybabe 08-11-2016 05:08 PM

For reference:

The post above is roughly what my Title I room looked like last year. I made some changes and never posted new pictures. The owls there would probably be the ones I'd use.

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