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anya53 09-07-2016 04:36 PM

tech in your classroom?
Hi All,
I would love it if you shared some really cool classroom tech tools. I hope this is interesting and helpful to you, so here are the ones I use:

MATH: I mostly use IXL and REFLEX:
IXL: I use it for my 6th graders but I think itís good for all grade leavels to mid or high school. It allows kids to practice a skill until he/she shows proficiency. Then there are cool little rewards (like video games) they play for completing a level.

REFLEX to build math fluency and I use it more for kids who come to 6th grade without math fluency. I hear that the lower grade level kids love it.

Gizmos: I am just starting to use it this year for science and it looks good. I did a math trial on it last year but was not that impressed. Iíd love to hear back from you about how you use it.

Kahoot: itís a cool assessment. There are a plethora of assessments and itís very simple to create your own. Itís in a game format and the kids love it. The only down side is that , students want to be the first to answer, which skews the assessment. After each question, there is a screen that shows the top five correct and fastest answers. But itís a great way for a quick assessment and I tell kids that the fastest answers may appear on the screen but I only score for correct answers. I have all my lesson plans there, which I can share with my colleagues. There is a special password for my students, so they can see when I post homeowork and assignment expectations/rubrics.

I would love to see your favorites and recommendations. Thanks so much for taking the time!! :)

jady_marie 05-04-2017 07:55 AM

I teach grade 6

Google Classroom - Management system for getting assignments and lessons to the chiildren.

Kidblog - Class blog where students can publish their work.

Newsela - Nonfiction reading with practice tests. - Work at your own pace practice site for learning new vocabulary.
Membean - Work at your own pace vocabulary building site.

ArtsyFartsyII 05-04-2017 06:13 PM

I am really getting into Google Classroom. Creating interactive slideshows to teach math and reading in Google Slides. Using Google Drawings for digital worksheets and student projects. Using Google Forms to create quizzes. I even created a Google Form for the kids to "rate" their vocabulary words, then made the spreadsheet put the scores into a chart, and I could real-time display the chart on a Google Slide that would show how many students knew/didn't know each vocab word.

I introduced Kahoot into our school and the kids BEG to play it!

For math, We use TenMarks, MobyMax, and the kids can also play Prodigy.

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