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teachNbake 04-24-2017 07:55 PM

Creative ideas for Ancient Greece

I'd love to hear your ideas for teaching Ancient Greece and Rome to 6th graders. I'm always looking for creative ways to teach ancient civilizations, and make this topic relevant.

Looking forward to reading your ideas.
Thanks in advance!

KatieViolet 04-25-2017 06:27 AM

These are my favorite to teach! I tr to hit the following:
Daily life

For Greece, we hit the gods big time. We discuss the origin story of the 15 big gods and read lots of mythology. I used to have students choose a god to do a report on, but it got a little hard when they'd pick Aphrodite or Zeus, etc, and end up with a lot of research related to multiple lovers, sex, etc. I stopped the reports because of that. They also write their own myths. I have a simplified version of the Odyseey and Thr Iliad, which my students like to act out (to a certain extent--we don't act out the killings ;)). I use a lot of foldables for kids to take notes on and organize the topics. I also have a few reader's theatre scripts, which you can google. The kids really enjoy those. We watch short videos from Discovery and Learn360 about different philosophers and Alexander the Great.

For Rome, we reenact the Republis form of government to "vote" on classroom issues, and then compare to the Greek's democracy system. then compare to our modern government system in the US. I don't do as much with the gods except to compare to Greek gods and look at how they changed the names/personalities. We study gladiator games and compare to Hunger Games and even modern sports.

I will look when I get to my computer to find the foldable and links the Scholastic books I use. They are great!

jady_marie 04-25-2017 07:59 AM

creative competition
We did a creative group competition that we found online. We divided the students into groups from various cities such as Athens and Sparta. The groups had to come up with a cheer, a flag, and costumes that would go with their assigned area. We had a game day where the various groups competed in the Olympics. We had a parade to the Olympics so that we could see all the costumes and flags. The kids loved this event and learned a lot as they prepared for the competition.

KatieViolet 04-26-2017 01:27 PM

Here are the foldables I use (I found them online years ago, I didn't create them!) Scroll to the end of each document to find the printables!

These are great resources, if you can find a copy of them. Years ago I bought them as ebooks from Scholastic.

dena1470 09-17-2017 02:29 PM

I have a god project that the kids do where they create a facebook page for their god or goddess. The page is done on posterboard and must have a profile picture. They have to display the likes and dislikes of their god, where they live, who their friends are as well as a couple of "what's on your mind," with comments from other gods and goddesses. I also have them come up with a song or a theme that might fit this god/goddess. On the sides they must have adds that one might see in Ancient Greece. Some of my kids came up with Walagora, for all shopping needs, wine adds, olive oil adds, and other really creative things. They must also do a paper to go along with their project to explain more about the story of their god.

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