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tatapatch 07-27-2017 10:11 AM

New to 6th!
I've accepted a middle school position teaching 6th grade ELA. I've only previously taught elementary for the past 9 years, with 3 of those in 5th grade. I will have roughly 55-60 minutes per day. Any suggestions on what to do? It seems like not enough time for everything I have to teach!

Singvogel 08-03-2017 08:15 AM

Been there- Yes, it's crazy.
I've been in that situation. My number one suggestion is to split up routines by days. It also depends on your ELA adoption. Our new one is Online interactive-heavy, and therefore, pretty scripted. As with any program, it has holes. I think I get lots of "bang for the buck" by incorporating a Greek and Latin roots vocabulary program that has a set routine by day of week.

Writing is going to be the hard part. Again, day-of-week scheduling will help.

6inthemiddle 08-27-2017 03:44 AM

Combine topics
I have taught sixth grade for many years and each year is different.
Keep your objectives clear and aligned to the standards. Read short stories - books/novels take too long when there are so many standards to teach. Incorporate your grammar/spelling lessons while using the short story.
I start the year with reviewing 8 parts of speech, genres, author's purpose so when we dive deeper, they can refer to our anchor charts.
Students have 2 notebooks - one interactive for class notes and another for their daily writing journal. This year I am trying to use prompts that focus on one theme/idea, then they write short paragraphs with different purposes around it. For example: Prompt 1 Informational: what are the routines in the dining hall. Prompt 2 narrative: tell me about an experience you've had at the dining hall. HW read short article (usually scholastic SCOPE) about assigned seats or food choices in dining hall - use close reading strategies; Prompt 3 opinion/argument. Should students be assigned their seats in the dining hall? Prompt 3. As we work through these short writing pieces I might have them look for verbs or adjectives. Lots of rereading, color coding, discussing how we can make things stronger. I might make them change the point of view of a short prompt already written. We also use great picture books for mentor texts. Hope that helps - have fun, be flexible

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