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Twizzlett 11-01-2017 02:38 PM

Stuck teaching Reluctant Readers
I'm teaching a middle school elective this quarter called "Literature Explorations"

I thought it would be a bunch of readers who would be anxious to prep for the next quarter's Battle of the Books and geek out over their love of books.

a good 60% of the students told me today that they don't know why they are in the class, probably there because Team Sports was full. It's a small school, the other two electives this quarter are Painting and Chorus. They're full also.

Can anyone suggest resources for ways to teach them to explore literature that won't kill us all? We are in the computer lab so electronic methods of responding to literature are good, as are any other websites that would appeal and give me something to assess. The ELA teacher wasn't much help. I'm going to pull their Map tests to see if I can get some ideas of what skills they need to work on and try to put their assignments into Kahoot/Quizlet, etc to make them more fun. They can read short texts, that is fine with me. We can do some fun/funky short stories.

I'm open to ideas. What have you got?

Ucan 11-10-2017 09:39 AM

More Info
The value of any suggestions is limited to the amount of information provided. It would be great to know the range of reading levels of your students. So many of these posts requesting help seem to lack this basic info.

Sam5 11-10-2017 10:24 AM

This list might help:

You might also have them do some of the interactive activities on this website with the short stories:

This might be too young for your students but Epic has tons of books online for free and educators get it free:

You might take short stories and actually do literature circles with them.

jady_marie 05-03-2018 11:36 AM

Vocabulary Building and Membean are two great vocabulary building sites that would be good for your students. I would also assign the students a few articles a week from Newsela. Students can read the articles at their lexile level. You can also use Storyworks Magazine and Scholastic News as whole class reading. Students can participate in Book Clubs. Pair up students with similar lexiles and they can partner read books.

MissESL 05-03-2018 02:13 PM

Low or Reluctant?
The two words aren’t synonyms! If they are low, I believe you’ve gotten fantastic resources from other posters.

If they are reluctant - as in reticent to read bc they don’t enjoy it, or feel cheated out of a more “fun” elective...
I suggest really amping up battle of the books, creating serious competition, teaming up students, including 40 book challenges (adjust number and required genres based on time restriction), literature circles, books followed by their movie fit comparison, readers theaters/mini plays, or even forensics-type performance literature like poetry, prose, duos humorous or dramatic, etc. you could make it really entertaining!

grace slick 03-09-2019 04:38 PM

Now it is time to have fun....
1.Have the kid research the best novels for their age group....Then choose one to read.
2.Do a webquest
3.create a blog- reading is fundamental---yes a cliche but one that lasts the time
4. create a new reading list for ELAR and tell why- this will require the kids to break up in groups and read several novels. When they are done have them write a letter to the principal with their findings
5. write a blog each week that emphasizes an author- yes this requires internet research and a debate as to who should be featured each week

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