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here4kids 05-10-2018 04:56 AM

Hunger Games
I am considering reading the Hunger Games with my 6th grade class, but, I have some reservations. Biggest reasons I am considering are : Kids are DONE with the basal series stories...I want to read a novel together that has a movie to go with it and maybe biggest of all is that a teacher who does book clubs outside of school has 30 copies and the book on cd....all other class sets within my building and district are being used. So just curious what you think..would you read it with your sixth graders??

kiddingme 05-30-2018 01:51 PM

Hunger games
My 6th grade actually rotates; and while I teach the math, my co-worker has read Hunger Games with our class the past few years.
It has been great. Since our kids annotate in their books; she sent a letter home asking parents if they were able to buy their kid a copy of the book. That way they are more invested in the reading.

This story opens up dialogue for some very meaningful conversations and point of views.
Ethic's discussions etc... use for constructed responses and citing evidence writing.

I am also sure that you can already find Hunger Game lesson plans through TPT ...if you don't want to re-create the wheel.

At the end of the year; our grade level plays Hunger Games Jepoardy which you can find online for free....

and finally they enjoy the movie.

I was really impressed with the depth of knowledge that my students came away with.
If you are able to incorporate novels that have more "buy in" than basal series...or balance with them, you might be surprised at the level of learning and enthusiasm you get from kids.

Just my opinion based on what I have seen.

Good luck


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