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CJS87 02-10-2019 03:07 PM

Ancient Greece
Looking for an Ancient Greece unit (Olympics, city states, gods and goddesses, Alexander the Great, etc).
Does anyone have ideas, websites, or units they have used?

Thank you!!

UVAgrl928 02-23-2019 04:54 PM

This year I didn't really feel like teaching about Ancient Greece lol. So my IB coordinator recommended You can connect your smartphone to the smartboard. You enter your goals for the lesson, and set a timer- it prompts you throughout the lesson to judge student engagement, and take photos of students collaborating (which then projects on the board).

In order to set this up, I put students in 4 groups. All I told them was they would be assigned a topic about Greece, and it was their job to teach their classmates. They could present in whatever manner they wanted. I did architecture, geography, sports, and government- this is what their content standard is for 3rd grade. Then they got to work. Some groups made videos, some posters, brochures, powerpoints, etc. They thought it was the best things ever, and I got to serve as the facilitator, rather than lecturing. This was our first topic we tried this with, but we've now done it with Ancient Rome and Natural Disasters as well.

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