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musicmeg222 02-15-2019 06:14 PM

New Teacher Questions
I have been reading various websites that provide tips and suggestions for first year teachers starting mid year (or toward end of the year such as myself). I found that several websites are suggesting that I send home a letter and introduce myself to parents. I think this a good idea especially since student have had a sub for awhile and haven't had one specific person teaching the class for awhile.

Would anyone recommend that I sent out a letter to parents and introduce myself? Without looking at websites, I never would have thought of this. As a first year teacher, I don't really know what else to think about when taking over a special education caseload.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or tips for me? I want these next few months to be as smooth as possible, but I just don't know what else I need to think about as a new teacher 'stepping in' and taking over.


MrsPhysics 02-20-2019 03:03 PM

Great idea!
I think that sending a letter home is a great idea. You can let families know about any new procedures, upcoming events, how to get a hold of you, etc.

Sorry to be the only (and delayed) response. This board doesnít seem to be frequented by too many members. Next time you have a question, try posting on the Busy Board for more responses.

Good luck with your teaching assignment! Taking over a classroom can be challenging, but itís also a good way to try things and see what you like or dislike.

TAOEP 02-20-2019 08:34 PM

As a parent, I would appreciate getting your letter. I always wanted to know the basics about my children's teachers and the classes the kids were in. Open house, back-to-school night, etc. fill that function in the fall, but for a teacher starting at this time, a letter is a good idea.

One thing that would be helpful to me would be to let parents know how you prefer to be contacted--email, text, letter, phone, etc. and how long it generally takes for you to respond. (And you might want to be clear that you will not be responding on weekends, holidays, maybe evenings).

lisa53 02-21-2019 04:12 AM

As a special ed teacher, I would definitely send a letter of introduction home. I might not give the same advice to a new high school social studies teacher, but as special ed, you will probably be doing IEP meetings and parents are likely to want to contact you whenever they have academic or behavioral concerns about their child.

My only other tip is: don't make too many waves! Kids are used to how your predecessor did things, so try not to change their world too much right now. If you continue there next year and want to make bigger changes, that would be a better time to do it. If you see things now that you are sure you need to change, talk with kids about your ideas and mention that you intend to do those things differently next year. Watch their reactions, because some of them might be comfortable for kids if you implement them this year.

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