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lilune 03-05-2019 04:02 PM

Moving from 3rd to MS - math or science?
I have been contemplating moving to middle school and am interested in either science or math. I like both subjects and started off excited about science but then did an all day math training and am equally as excited about that. I wanted to see opinions on this.

Lakeside 03-05-2019 05:22 PM

...well, my degree is in math, so assume my opinion as biased <!--giggle-->, but I really think that middle school is where you "catch" kids with math - the sweet spot where you really have the chance to spark a love for the subject. It's where I remember (back in the day) first being introduced to algebra and the concepts I find most fascinating about mathematics.

Mshope 03-09-2019 08:02 AM

I don't teach math...
however, ours in ms have it pretty rough. Students do not know their basic skills so every day is a struggle. I really don't know how they do it day after day. I hear constant complaining about how much students hate math. Constant.

Now for science, kids seem to like it because they do experiments and it is more hands-on. Its a lot of work for the teachers to get the supplies and set it all up. However, it seems like less of a daily struggle.

It may be totally different for you though. I'm sure if students had more basic math skills the job wouldn't be so rough.

Just my two cents.

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