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mrteacherguy 05-15-2019 11:56 AM

How should I tell them?
I will be leaving my position for one in a different district at the end of the school year (next week!).

There is a lot of movement happening with positions at this school, and the students are already curious about who is teaching what next year. One of the students found out from another teacher that I will be leaving, and while they have promised not to say anything, they aren’t the most trustworthy or subtle of students.

I want the students to find out on my terms, not theirs. Even though there will be little love lost (with the exception of a few, I expect they’ll be cheering for my departure), as the last two years with this rough group have been difficult on both sides, is there a good way to let them know? Should I just come out and say it?

cruxian 05-17-2019 06:44 AM

Yeah, I'd just come out and say it. I think it's often more of a big deal for the teacher than it is for the students. If you stayed, would these be students you'd be working with again or would they be moving on to other teachers?

mrteacherguy 05-17-2019 06:54 AM

Thankfully no, I would not be working with them again (one year with them was enough, two years was too many).

If I had stayed, I would still be teaching 7th grade, and they would be moving on to 8th.

Miller 05-26-2019 06:58 AM

Perhaps you already made your decision because this is a week late.

I wouldn't tell them. It's not their business. I'm moving schools as well and I didn't tell my students.

And if they ask you then I guess you can either tell them or just say you don't know.

SchoolPoppa 06-06-2019 03:30 AM

If the new position has been offered to you and you accepted it, then you might as well tell them...ONLY if you have had a good healthy relationship with them. Otherwise, don’t. Some may careless and some are dying for you to leave. And besides, they’re going to have new teachers next year when they go to the next grade level.

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