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MNV 07-29-2019 09:29 AM

Best Classroom Library Book containers
Hi! I am looking for a new set of bins to hold all the books in my classroom library. I found the perfect ones on but they are just SO expensive! Does anyone have a recommendation for a cheaper alternative that is still good quality and is good for holding picture books?

Thank you!!

KatieViolet 07-29-2019 09:51 AM

I always bought mine at the dollar store! Buy more than you need so in a few years when you get more books or as some break, you can replace them with matching colors.

Candiqueen 08-08-2019 04:20 PM

Really Good Stuff has a variety of plastic bins.

K12ENLTeacher 08-08-2019 10:27 PM

Better late than never
Hi, I have bought the cheapest ones you can ever get at Dollar Tree. Even though they cost me a dollar each, they are very sturdy! I got 25 of the bins for $25! Where else can you spend $25 and get 25 book bins???

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