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CJS87 12-15-2019 08:36 AM

Activities last week before break??
Looking for some activities to do the last week before break- centers, games, etc...

Thank you!

JulieP 12-15-2019 09:40 PM

I do task card scavenger hunts al the time and the kids really get into it, especially if I hide them really well. Put students in teams of 2 or 3. Place 10-12 task cards around the room. I tape them on the back of the book case shelf, on the front or side of a desk, under a table. I've even hid one in our class bathroom- I'm in a portable and each room has a bathroom.

They have to stay together, agree on the answer before each writes it down. I use index cards or cut up pieces of paper and have them number. They have to make sure to match the card with the answer document number because they won't go in order. The only other rule I have is one group at a card at a time.

If you have devices the kids can get on, Kahoot and Quizlet live are ones mine always ask for.

Search these on Pinterest:
Sabotage! Game Idea
Stinky Feet Test Prep

CJS87 12-16-2019 06:01 AM

Thank you! Do you have an example of the one you use?

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