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Itaintright 02-12-2020 03:17 PM

Have you ever had an embarrassing
moment in ELA because you didnít know the answer or gave the wrong answer? I am a first year teacher over the age of 40 that went through an alternate route program. I do Special Education inclusion in 6th grade ELA. Iím embarrassed to say Iíve had two moments where I tried to help students but I didnít know the answer and was totally lost on what to do and on the expectations of the teacher. I did ask the teacher for clarification. I work with a seasoned ELA teacher (6 years teaching). I feel like I ďshouldĒ know these things already and it bothers me that at times I donít. I kinda think she may say something about it to administration. This is only my assumption based on her personality. Although it sounds like Iím making an excuse, my background and undergrad were not in English. How do I overcome this deficit and low feeling I have about it? How long does it take to be great at ELA? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Lottalove 02-13-2020 11:24 AM

Give yourself some time
And, as a coteacher, I would think that you should get access to the lesson plans or anwer keys yourself. Even if she is the main teacher and you just support your SpEd students during her lessons-that is one type of coteaching. (CoTeaching takes many forms and looks different in different classes or schools.)

Also, is English your first language? Or, are you saying that it is but you are not very good at it?

Brush up your skills--it is never too late to learn... There are apps and programs out there to strengthen all subjects.

Just don't give up or get too discouraged.

And one last thing--don't give answers [especially when you are not sure or uncomfortable...] Talk the student through it--reread the instructions together and look at the examples-- (you can also listen to the teacher when she presents info to the class, etc.) Our job is not just about giving them answers but to lead them through the process of finding answers for themselves.

Good luck.

TexTeacher 05-15-2020 07:30 AM

Yep in ELAR all the time! Often on reading passages you can make a pretty good argument for 2 of the 4 answers on multiple choice. You are looking for the best answer. The best thing to do with kids is continue to discuss and use text evidence to prove your answers.

This is one of the reasons I prefer math! There is only 1 right answer in a math problem!

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