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Txteach13 04-23-2011 05:44 AM

Our district has adopted CSCOPE for next year. I know there are a lot of Texas teachers out there. Are y'all using it? How is it going?
Thanks for any input!

MissKayla 04-23-2011 09:14 AM

We adopted CSCOPE this year and overall I am glad we did. I have problems with the Social Studies lessons, and definitely feel they need to be redone, but we tweaked and did things differently when we needed to.

I like the performance indicator checklist that you use through the six weeks for each subject, as it makes filling out the report cards for each 6 weeks a lot easier. Before CSCOPE, we had to pull kids and assess outside of the curriculum, but this way it's implemented within the lessons.

I also like that it puts every school on the exact same page, so if you get a child from a different school in your district, they will have been learning the exact same thing and you don't have to play catch up as much. I like too that it scaffolds the lessons over the grade levels, building upon what is being taught in each grade level.

We had a team of our K teachers who put together the science lessons for us, because there weren't any. Whether these lessons will be the official CSCOPE lessons, I'm not quite sure.

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