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jov 03-24-2007 06:16 PM

Title I Question
I teach first grade in a Title I school. Our 2 Title I reading teachers do guided reading groups in the morning and small intervention groups and testing in the afternoon (one for K/1 and the other for 2/3). We all work together very well like a well-oiled machine. We've recently heard rumors that they are eliminating the reading teacher positions next year and replacing them with literacy coaches (no reading cert required)- who will do model lessons, prof. development, administrative duties and generally work with teachers rather than kids. Is this appropriate or even legal under Title I regulations? Thanks for your help.

MrsM 03-25-2007 05:01 AM

literacy coaches
Yes, it is allowed under Title I guidelines to have literacy coaches, but someone not having reading certification who is doing this job is not allowed. The two Title I reading teachers could simply change the way they deliver services by becoming literacy coaches. The concept is that all children will receive high quality reading services through the classroom teacher, with coaching as needed in the weaker areas for the teacher. This takes someone very knowledgeable in reading, of course. This position can also include some small literacy groups by the teachers.

As per your Mass. DOE Title I guidelines, the teachers must be highly qualified. They cannot be highly qualified without at least reading certification, and a master’s in reading would be better. The link to the Title I info for your state is: I clicked on “Requirements for Implementing a Schoolwide Program”.

Whatever happens for next year, remember that these students need the smallest instructional group possible in order to learn well, and many exposures and repetitions. I know you have limits of what you can actually do about that, but the more you can do in smaller groups, the better for your students. Good luck!

joveggie 03-25-2007 07:12 AM

Title I Reading
Thanks for your response. I completely agree with you about small groups. We use Trophies. I take 3 small groups and the Reading Teacher takes 2 smaller groups (lowest readers) daily for Guided Reading. She also takes 3 kids in the afternoon for an intervention group. We're in a needy innercity school where the kids especially need that small group attention. I hope the LC can take small groups next year, because I can't imagine how I would fit in all my groups without the Reading Teacher every day. We are so time constrained by the total Trophies program, Writing Workshop, and 100 min of Math daily. Something will have to go. How does it work in your school?

MrsM 03-26-2007 02:12 AM

I'm the special reading teacher, and I pull out small groups from the classrooms, 30 minutes every day. We are targeted assistance, so we don't serve all kids, and my services supplement what the classroom teacher also teaches for reading. Our district just approved the addition of literacy coach(es) for next year. I have been researching the position a bit and would love to have such a job. It's an opportunity to show classroom teachers easy things they can change to be more effective with their lowest students.

Susan/IN 03-26-2007 09:55 AM

Our district is also looking at hiring literacy coaches in the near future. Last week we went on a visitation to a neighboring district that is similar in size. Their literacy coach (at least in the building we visited) did not work with small groups of children on a regular basis. A true literacy coach does not have the time to do that and the other responsibilities as well. My principal has discussed me becoming a literacy coach if/when the district decides to go that way; she would like to see me continue my Reading Recovery duties and coach, but I'm not sure that's practical either. I think every district has a different idea of what they want their coach to do. If too many duties are put on them, then nothing gets done well. That is my fear.

readerabbit 03-30-2007 12:26 PM

Tell me more
My program is called Reading Rescue. I take 6 kids every 30 minutes. (I have 3 and my para has 3) We do statagies that are similar to Reading Recovery /guided reading/ plus target skills. We serve 50 first graders and we have a 2nd grade version of this program with 1 teacher serving 2nd and 3rd grade serving 28 students. So am I understanding that Title wants to kick good programs and stick someone in otherwise. With the literacy coaching thing. I feel like that is what I do now but just don't have that title.
I wonder if I should ask some questions before something happens? I have had my position for since 1995 and the kids, teachers and parents love our program. I hope it doesn't get messed up just becasue someone in Congress thought it was a good idea.

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