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Triomom 04-27-2007 08:32 AM

K-2 Summer Reading Program
Does anyone have any great summer reading program ideas? We are currently planning a summer program for K-2 in our school. Children have been recommended by teachers because of decoding issues, comprehension and fluency. Thanks for your help!!:o

MrsM 05-01-2007 08:32 AM

We never did this, but last summer my colleague and I had planned to piggyback with the library summer program. She is our school librarian and was able to get a notebook showing all kinds of lessons and clipart to go with the public library program. We were going to add some to it and do a summer school class, but it ended up not happening for several reasons.

I'm trying out something new that I read about. I'm having kids call in to my voicemail at school and read aloud for 10 minutes. Every so often I will call my voicemail and listen to the kids reading. If they do this 7 time in a 9 week period over the summer, I'll invite them to a celebration. I had to have parents actually enroll kids to do this, since it takes practice for the child to read fluently before calling my voicemail, and also someone to keep track of 10 minutes for the child.

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