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MrsFrazzled 05-01-2019 02:36 PM

Final Exams
How does your high school do final exams?

And what do other high school teachers do at the end of the school year? Like when is the last day you stop teaching.

Are you required to give a final? And does it have to be comprehensive or can your final be your final chapter test?

My school is so inconsistent. So I just want to know if there are schools out there that have a good system for the end of school.

lisa53 05-05-2019 06:42 PM

At my school, the last 3-4 days are exam days. We have an exam from 8:30-10 and one from 10:30-12. Kids are not required to be at school unless they are in an exam, and we keep good security to avoid distracting behavior by kids in halls during exams. Kids may stay and study, but must be in a designated quiet study area. Teachers must keep students in their room till the exam period is over—no releasing them as they finish.

We have a 7 period day, so some years they have 4 exam days (2-2-2-1) and other years they have had 3 days (3-2-2). Kids who miss an exam (excused only) may make it up in the afternoon. Otherwise, teachers can spend the afternoons grading exams, finalizing grades, and getting classrooms ready for end of school.

We are all required to give an exam or “other culminating experience” approved by admin. It must be comprehensive, but we give midterms the same way, so finals only have to cover the second semester.

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