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Tounces 09-30-2019 04:36 PM

Higher Order Questions ?
Iím a resource teacher. We are getting observed 3 times this year. My domain of focus this year is Instruction.

My question is how do you ask higher order questions with students who are working on basic skills?

For example, I have students working on letter recognition and letter sounds.

I donít think they would understand a higher order question due to the vocabulary used.

Does anyone have any ideas for questions that I could ask that they could answer?


Haley23 09-30-2019 05:01 PM

I would specifically ask your evaluator what they are looking for. My previous P was way nicer in this aspect. She told me that for my students, I should avoid just asking yes/no questions. She also suggested asking, "How do you know?" as evidence of higher level thinking, even with a basic skill. For example, if reading the word "cat," how do you know that says "cat?" Student could answer, "because the sounds are /c/, /a/, /t/," or " because the a says /a/," or even "because I sounded it out." When just working on letter names, I would have a learning target with specific ones we were working on and then ask questions such as, "Who can figure out which letter from the target we haven't used yet today?"

Current P is not really having any of that. She wants me to read a grade level text to students and then having them working on higher order skills with that. IMO that's just silly- for one, that's listening comprehension, which is a totally different skill. Two, I'm dealing with kids who are getting older who still can't read. IMO it's of the upmost importance that I spend all of my time teaching them how to read so they can begin to access that text on their own in the first place.

Lucky for me, AP is my evaluator this year and I think I can con him into counting some of the same stuff previous P counted. If I had the P I might do some of what she wants for my observation lesson only. I personally just have major ethical issues with focusing on higher level thinking for kids who can't read.

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