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T.T. 10-18-2019 07:57 AM

Behaviors in Classroom
Good morning everyone,

I am in a new state and classroom for the first year. I am struggling with behaviors in my classroom.

One of my students who is nonverbal and has autism comes into school screaming, crying, hitting her face, pulling her hair, head butting staff, every morning. She has extreme sensory needs. She wants her hands wrapped with string, near the point of cutting of her circulation, that is how tight she comes into school with them wrapped.

She keeps stuffed animals in her hands, water bottles, anything and everything she can hold she will. She also wants to listen to music on her cellphone the entire school day.

Starting right when she came to school following summer break, we had her on a visual schedule with a visual timer of 20 minutes with her phone and 10 minutes without. She had no academic expectations during the 10 minutes off. She could do what she wanted, walk around the room, swing, anything she wanted. But she still screamed and became self abusive for her phone. When she would get her phone back she would calm down. Then after a few weeks of trying to this she began to scream, hurt herself, and cry even when she had her phone.

Now, it is constant screaming, crying, pulling her hair (she even wears a bandanna with a hat over it), hitting her face, hitting her body on shelves in the classroom, headbutting staff. We have tried visual schedules, first then boards, social stories, sensory breaks, walking around the building, wrapping her legs and arms for deep pressure, deep pressure rubs, taking her phone when she is self abusive and giving it back when she stops, and none of these have been successful. I need guidance.

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