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MrsM 11-20-2007 07:27 AM

Looking for an inclusion model
If you do in-class support for Title I in a targeted assistance school, or know how it's done, could you give details here? We are hearing more and more from teachers that they want this, but the way it was handled in the past was to have the Title I teacher take over for reading class while the classroom teacher staples newsletters or grades papers. It became a break for them and I was being used. I could not reconcile that with my being in the classroom for the benefit of identified kids when I had to serve all 24.

I see myself entering a classroom in which the classroom teacher is giving a whole class lesson, and during work time I'm the first person to support the Title I identified kids. Am I far off? Or maybe I'm doing the same lesson the teacher is doing, but I'm doing it with a small group of Title kids and she's doing it with the rest of the class.

I thought I had information on a good workshop to attend, but on second look it seems to be geared toward special education inclusion. Can anyone help me?

Susan/IN 11-28-2007 08:14 AM

assistance in the classroom
I spend one hour four days a week in classrooms - 30 minutes in two classrooms each day. I do one of two things: either I take the lowest or the next lowest group (usually; these are the kids in Title or are on the waiting list) during guided reading or I go in and either model a whole class lesson on writing or comprehension or assist the classroom teacher while she is teaching a whole group lesson. Today for example one of the teachers was trying to get first graders to edit their 4 square writing piece. So she put up a sample and they looked for specifics that they had been working on. She and I bounced thoughts off of each other and what the kids said and I also went around and got kids (usually Title but not always) back on task if they were messing around. We kind of plan a couple days ahead based on what's going on in the room. If they want me to take a group, I usually do the planning for that group that week, but not always.

Hope this helps.

ReadSoMuch 12-05-2007 08:12 PM

Small group work time instead?
In my building, teachers designed a schedule years ago that built in a time for each grade level (20 mins K, 40 mins 1st-5th) to have "small group work time." It gives our Reading Resource, Title I (targeted asst), Gifted (grades 3-5) and classroom teachers each a small group to work with. We end up pulling the kids out of class, but then we all have a smaller group to work with at that time. The classroom teachers end up with the "middle" group, and can give their kids extra attention. Is this perfect? Far from it, but I'm happy my Title kids aren't missing core instruction.

We've tried to follow a push-in model to help with writing and reading groups, but I've been reminded that Title I teachers have to supplement not supplant classroom instruction. That seems to be a sticky point with our administration. They encourage us to use a push-in model throughout the district, but we haven't been guided as to what that should look like.

We've also had the issue of teachers sitting at their desks with other activities when our Reading Resource teacher pushes in to deliver a writing lesson. Not many teachers have shown us that they can/want/will co-teach.:confused:

Not sure I helped. I struggle with trying to do more push-in services each year, but we end up staying with a pull-out model.

MrsM 12-07-2007 03:38 AM

thanks for replies
I think I got the answers I expected, but not what I hoped to find. The teachers in my building had all the modeling of lessons they needed with 3 years from the state reading instruction initiative group. Before that, when I did push-in here, I saw the same teachers at the desk or running out to make copies while I handled it. I was doing all the classroom instruction of reading. I don't think I can successfully introduce a proper push-in model and have it actually work, but I hate that my kids are away from their classroom.

coolbeans 12-30-2007 06:58 PM

My school is a Title I school.........
and we have an inclusion model for Title I reading. My school is K-5. We have two Title I teachers and 4 teacher assistants that rotate through the school four days a week. This is the way it works in our classrooms: There are two Title I teams--one teacher and 2 assistants per team. (Assistants have had training for this). They rotate throughout the school for four days a week. In each classroom the kids are divided into four reading ability reading groups. The Title I teacher takes the lowest group, the teacher takes the next to the lowest or sometimes the highest group and the assistants do the other two groups. Each teacher and assistant are responsible for their own lessons. We have 35 minutes for this reading time. Wednesday is planning day at our school. During our grade level planning time we also meet with the Title I folks during the first block of time. We discuss how things are going or if any changes need to be made, etc. When the Title I folks are not meeting with grade levels they plan their lessons for the next week. Their days are full when they are meeting with groups. This is our third year using this inclusion model and the reading scores at our school have improved greatly.

Susan/IN 12-31-2007 05:36 AM

Good plan
I like this plan. A few years ago we did something similar but our funding was cut and we lost all of our assistants. We also lost an excellent Title I teacher who was placed in a classroom to switch out with a classroom teacher not performing well. There are extenuating circumstances for keeping the teacher but now she is in Title I. The struggling students are not getting what they need and it shows in our scores. We are doing what we can... So I do what I can do with the students I work with; hopefully, we will be able to turn around this plan. I'd love to be able to do what you are doing once again!

HeitkeS 09-09-2011 09:18 AM

New Push-In Idea for This Year
First of all, I realize this post is now FOUR years old. :) Posting anyway in case someone is interested.

I am planning on doing a push-in model with a 4th grade teacher this year. Our first day together was today. The kids are going to benefit so much! We are doing a co-teaching model, sharing planning/prep/instruction/grading. We both have sets of the curriculum. Yes, it will be a lot of work. Yes, you need to be able to work together and compromise. Fortunately, my co-teacher and I have many of the same ideas in common. It would still work with someone less similar - the key for anything is COMMUNICATION! We are sharing a prep on Thursdays to plan a week ahead and deciding then how to tag-team the instruction.

Here is our general schedule:

2011-2012 Math 2 Schedule

10:10-10:20: Class split into two groups (switch weekly)
HW correction/collect scores
Concept re-teaching

10:20-10:45: Large group instruction (tag-team teaching Every Day Math)
2-3 min review of daily KUDO
Vocabulary Journal (per unit)
Use Active board together

10:45-11:08: Small group time (re-teaching, reinforcing)
Organic groups for guided practice
Independent practice can also be happening
Daily choices: math games (set up using Daily 5 release of
independence), Problem of the Day

11:08-11:12: Planner, review/plan for tomorrow

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions or your own ideas. This is our first try at anything like this building-wide!

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