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bubbleepink 01-08-2015 01:29 PM

Calling Alberta Grade 4 Teachers!!!

I just started a term position in a grade 4 class. I am looking for ANY resources that you are willing to share or direct me to, but am especially looking for Social Studies Resources!! Right now we are working on Alberta's Natural Resources and I need something that is going to keep them engaged.



Suezie 01-11-2015 08:56 AM
Have you tried the learnalberta website for ideas?

bubbleepink 01-11-2015 11:06 AM

Yes, I have looked at learnalberta, 2learn, toolsforteachers. I have the Many Voices resource, but it is so dry - I can't stand to teach from it and the kids are not learning anything from it.

Is there somewhere specific on these websites that you can recommend looking, or looking for?

cheerio 01-11-2015 12:41 PM

I don't teach gr 4 but have you looked around on this site? I often find useful things on it for the grade I teach.

bubbleepink 01-14-2015 07:19 AM

This is an amazing resource!! I had not come accross it yet, so thank you for sharing!

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