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MichaelCA 03-17-2016 02:03 PM

Touchscreen/PC Combo Recommendation?
My grade level (5th grade) will be losing our Promethean Boards next school year and we're looking into the possibility of using a touchscreen connected to a PC as a replacement. We're all Mac users and are unfamiliar with PC options (we've looked into whether or not any touchscreen surfaces will work with Mac and we've come up short). Does anyone happen to have any knowledge about or experience with PC computer connected to a touchscreen (ideally 27 inches or so) that would be recommended to us? Thanks!

Jenny 04-17-2016 04:47 PM

It's not what you are asking, but we have switched out our activboards for a large tv, Apple tv and iPad. So much cheaper and more versatile. Plus our imacs and MacBook can airplay to them. We have very very techy teachers using them, and tech phobic teachers using them. Very successful as they were already familiar with Macs, so no need to learn anything new.

Evan Janssen 04-25-2016 07:16 AM

Mac vs. Windows
I am currently a student at Iowa State University and have dealt with both Windows and Macs. I feel as though Macs are easier to use and explain to a group of students. I may be biased due to my problems with windows in the classroom as a student. I do wonder how a school would look if both styles of computers were allowed. I feel like this would be disastrous, but I am curious if anyone had a differing opinion?

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